Daily News Tadka – 16.03.2016

PBs twisty take on the top five headlines of the day.

1. Lok Sabha rejects Rajya Sabha recommendations, passes Aadhar Bill

Congress along with Left parties and some other Opposition parties in the Rajya Sabha on Wednesday forced five amendments into five clauses of the bill approved by the Lok Sabha.
Looks like Lok Sabha has realised that its not the time to make road map for progress. Its time to swung into action and make things happen in India which was missing in 2004 to May 2014.
2. Petrol turns dearer by Rs 3.07/l, diesel up Rs 1.90 
The company statement did not elaborate on the reason for delay of the news which was a day late and justified the price changes to international standards that will direclty affect the consumers.

And the solution to the problem is to decontol and tax lpg and sko . Reduce motor fuel taxation by same amount which we get by above move . By both move bring petro products prices at energy parity of about 55 rs per liter for diesel,petrol and kersene and Rs 1200 per 14.2 kg lpg cylinder . We have infinite free to cheap substitutes for lpg and sko . Motor fuels are drivers of economy at present .
3. Smriti Irani’s degree row: Court asks for records
It, however, had declined the submission of complainant Ahmer Khan, a freelance writer, seeking direction to the CBSE to bring Ms Irani’s class 10th and 12th records.
The complainant had claimed in court that Ms Irani had deliberately given discrepant information about her educational qualification in affidavits filed before the poll panel and not given any clarification despite concerns being raised on the issue. Interesting developments regarding out HRD Minister.
4.TMC under fire over alleged bribery sting operation
A day after a sting video showed 11 Trinamool Congress leaders allegedly accepting money, the party on Tuesday gave a clean chit to all of them and said it does not even need to seek their explanation. Now, according to TMC it was a conspiracy by the competing party and they will look into the financial details of the forign money being involved. How come their leaders didnt bother about the source of the funds when they were filmed taking it wearing their sando genjis?
5. PM thinks global diplomacy can be done as per his ‘whims and fancies’: Rahul
Congress just did not have a policy and ended up loosing control over all its neighbors and at the same time lost ground all around the world. First time we have a cohesive strategy on what we want to do across the globe and how we are going to position India differently globally. Mr.Gandhi is requested to give way to more capable leaders in his party so that we have some real competition.

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