Daily News Tadka – 12.03.2016

PBs twisty take on the top five headlines of the day.

1. Opposition Seeks Extended Rajya Sabha Session Over Aadhaar

The opposition’s demand is part of a strategy to corner the government on the Aadhaar Bill, which the BJP-led government managed to pass as a money bill in the Lok Sabha where it has a big majority. While the opposition is strategizing to corner government, who is thinking about the nation?

2. PM takes a swipe at China, says India doesn’t follow ‘beggar thy neighbour’ policy

Beggar thy neighbour? India is a case of beggar thyself and we are still rotting with weak capital investments and red tape. He should indulge in statesmanship and must not cheapen himself with loose talk. After all he is the PM of the country.

3. Now AAP wants 1% excise on gold rolled back

Gold is the most essential thing for Aam Admi ,not water or electricity or job and AAP is doing the right thing. Common man is not put to hardship by this small hike. Section of people would continue to buy gold no matter there is a rise /fall in excise duty. AAP’s support to this is a symbolic one without any substance to earn a political mileage. Let the Govt. stand firm.

4. PM likely to campaign in Bengal from March-end

In West Bengal, BJP has nothing to lose as such, if the party is able to increase its tally to 5 to 6 candidates, this will be the achievement.

5. Mallya effect! Sebi bars wilful defaulters from markets, listed cos 

Any financial institution while appraising the corporate loans is supposed to do due diligence on the directors (and their credit record is now available from the rating CIBIL) and disqualify the wilful default directors from being on the Boards of the companies whose loans are under consideration. The question that the Government and RBI should raise at the moment is why the banks chose to overlook this factor.

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