Is Left-Congress Alliance in West Bengal A Win-Win Situation for Both?


The Left Front in West Bengal has warmed upto Congress overtures of forming an alliance in the state to take on Mamata’s Trinamool Congress. The Left Front which ruled the state for 34 years from 1977-2011 lost the citadel to Mamata in last state elections. And since then its graph nationally has been on a downwards trend.

images (1).jpgWhy have Congress and Left expressed a desire to form an alliance?

1. Both Congress and Left facing their biggest crisis ever

The Left Front comprising of CPM, CPI, AIFB and RSP has seen a sharp drop in its fortunes. It bagged 55 seats in 2004 Lok Sabha polls recording 7.2% vote share. This fell to just 11 seats and 4.4% vote share in 2014 Lok Sabha elections. They used to rule in 3 states (W. Bengal, Kerala and Tripura). Now they are down to one. The Left ideology is facing a big…

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