Daily News Tadka – 09.03.2016

PBs twisty take on the top five headlines of the day.

1. ‘Congress Is Blessed, It Never Gets A Bad Name,’ Says PM

Many news outlets are twisting their headlines. PM didn’t say Congress never gets the blame from the people. Everyone knows that majority of the people know about all the tricks of Congress and blames Congress for all the woes that we are facing. PM said media never puts the blame on Congress. But see how media twists this. India is not going to progress until the media becomes honest and stops negative brainwashing of common people.

2. Opposition Forces Amendment To President’s Address

Embarrassing the house, these are “cheap thrills”, that’s all. What does it really change? But, all this can and will, boomerang badly only on Congress, if they ever succeed in their dream of ruling again.

3. Mallya case: Months after FIR, CBI failed to send Letters Rogatory

Pure negligence of CBI. The past Government too is responsible for this.Once again it was proved that you can do anything in India if you have Political support and enough money.

4. Herald case: Order reserved on summoning fin detail

It is an appretiated initiative taken by Mr SWAMY to gather,collect and submit the documents in the court to proof the irregularities made by the political party leaders to accumulate wealth.Let them prove in the court of law. Let’s hope that justice isn’t denied or delayed.

5. BJP fields Subhash Chandra Bose’s grandnephew against Mamata Banerjee

It seems that dynastic politics only existed in congress, but not anymore. BJP is trying hard to make its presence felt in the state.

6. DMK seeks Centre’s response on Rajiv Gandhi murder convicts

Shamful indeed for parties to stoop to such level for votes. How can you ask the release of convicts who killed your Prime Minister?

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