Can Didi retain Bengal & push Left into oblivion?


West Bengal goes to polls in April-May this year along with three other states Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Assam. Politicalbaaba (PB) will cover these elections in detail with analysis, deep insights and reports from on the ground.

Demographics of the State

  • The state has 294 assembly constituencies, 210 in general category and 84 reserved for SC /ST category. 72% of the population lives in rural areas (41% voted for Trinamool and 32% for Left in LS 2014).
  • WB accounts for 2nd highest Muslim population in India after Uttar Pradesh (27% of state population). They are in a position to influence outcome in c.75 seats. Their votes were split between Trinamool (40%), Left (31%) & Congress (24%) in LS 2014.
  • SC/ST account for 30% of state population. Traditional Left voters SC’s have shifted allegiance to Trinamool (40%)while Left continues to hold its grip over ST (40%).
  • Upper castes which account for just 10%…

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