Daily News Tadka – 08.03.2016

PB’s twisty take on the top five headlines of the day.

1. Provident Fund Tax Scheme Cancelled Because Of Me, Says Rahul Gandhi

Good job Rahul for trying to take credit for this. it was the people’s pressure that worked. we never heard you talk against this new tax. can you now start talking about increasing excise on petrol/diesel, increase no of types of taxes like swatch bharat etc?

2. CBI Probing Alleged Rs. 1,000-Crore Scam At State-Run Syndicate Bank

Day light loot of public money with no control in front of everybody through normal channel.Our system needs Pre audit and post audit by third party who are not employees of the bank.Auditors are police man for bankers but if loan division staff and auditor is from same bank who will catch the thief ?Like ombudsman we need independent auditors in large numbers to check accounts every quarter.

3. Gold reclaims Rs 30,000-mark on global cues and India may get gas at $1.5-2.5/unit for Iran urea plant

It is like a double dhamaka offer for India, let’s hope it lasts long. By this India can get cheaper fertilizers from Iran , which will reduce the subsidy bill.

4. No intolerance in India, govt tells Lok Sabha

Definitely there is no intolerance in Indian roots. India is vastly diversified and can not be characterized in any one adjective. But this can not be said for those self proclaimed “nationalist” and other religious and communal hard liners from all the communities, who are intolerant from head till toe and giving bad name to the country. Instead of engaging public into false debate of tolerance vs intolerance, the Government should check all those intolerant peoples.

5. Sonia Gandhi seeks early passage of women’s reservation bill
Hypocritical on their behalf to seek for passage of bill while they disrupt other bill hearings in the house. But even so, this bill must be passed as soon as possible.

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