Daily News Tadka – 07.03.2016

PBs twisty take on the top five headlines of the day.

1. Vijay Mallya Barred From Accessing Rs. 515 Crore Severance Pay

Seems to be too late. The move to recover funds from Mallya should have started much earlier. HKinffisher Airlines were sanctioned additional loans even when the Co. Was sick. Any attempt at finding the money trail of the Co. Were any funds siphoned off?

2. Muzaffarnagar riots panel report: BJP demands CBI probe

Never heard of any Commission working for about 3 years and holding only the DM , SP and a LIU Inspector responsible for riots.Did we need a Commission to arrive at such inconsequential findings?There were 5 SPs in one month in that district. Two young men were murdered when they went to complain about a rape.The murder accused were released from the PS at whose behest? Commission blames the SHO only. Very pedestrian idea.

3. CPI-M, JD-U leaders meet Kejriwal, demand action on doctored videos

The same delegation even went and thanked Kejriwal for the probe and sought action against the organisations concerned based on the findings of inquiry into the clips.

4. Modi government ‘crushing’ the poor and weak: Rahul Gandhi

If we study the present Budget , also various scheme announced by this Govt such as Jan Dhan Yogna, Insurance cover for poor /Farmer, etc no one shall believe this Govt is against poor. No doubt salary class, Pensioners , Middle class families are not happy with past & present Budget.

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