Kerala: Will the trend continue & Left Front come back to power?


Kerala goes to polls in April-May this year along with three other states Tamil Nadu, West Bengal and Assam. Politicalbaaba (PB) will cover these elections in detail with analysis, deep insights and reports from on the ground.

For the past three decades since 1982, the state has been ruled by Congress and Left alternatively for full five year terms. Even prior to that since the formation of the state in 1957 Left and Congress / Congress backed governments alternatively ruled the state. However during 1970-1977, CPI an important constituent of Left Front today was an ally of the Indira led Congress.

Demographics of the State

  • The state has 140 assembly constituencies, 124 in general category and 16 reserved for SC /ST category.
  • 52% of the population lives in rural areas which is much lower than national average of 69%.
  • Hindus account for 55% of state population (Ezhavas 20%, Nairs…

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