Rosa: The Forgotten Revolutionist


Author: Ranganadhan S (@Ranganadhan)

It was in 1795, Poland saw one more partition, and Poland was divided into 3 parts and shared with Austria, Russia and Prussia. The Russian kingdom was then ruled by Alexander 1, Nicholas 1, Alexander 2 and Alexander 3, the autocratic rule of the family created unrest among section of the society and extended across in the name of socialist movement.

It was on 5 March 1871  in the small Polish town of  Zamosc born the inspirational revolutionist, Rosa Luxemburg, Rosa was the youngest of five children of a lower middle-class Jewish family , by then was Zamosc in the Polish area of  Russia, since the childhood  Rosa was interested in politics at sixteen, when she graduated at the top of her class from the girls’ gymnasium in Warsaw, she was denied the gold medal because of  an oppositional attitude toward the…

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