Daily News Tadka – 05.03.2016

1. Nitish Kumar Attacks Centre Over Provident Fund Tax Move

Was wondering why Nitish kumar who was wailing Ishrat Jahan, the terrorist, as her beti and Bihar ki beti hasn’t spoken anything till now. Law and order in Bihar is going down and it’s not surprising. What will you expect when the CM of a state starts calling a terrorist as his and his state’s beti.

2. Congress Should Be Ashamed Of Rahul Gandhi’s Visit To JNU, Says Amit Shah

We’re patriotic but not nationalistic, like Nazis, Stalin, Franco, Mussolini, Pinochet & Kim’s of North Korea! We don’t want Nationalism in India! We are ashamed of Nationalists like you.  How long are you going to survive like parasites, hating & defaming somebody! It’s been 2 years, since you’ve been elected to power. Can the BJP come out with a white-paper on their achievements?

3. Sharif wants foolproof security for team in India

Pakistan squad is supposed to leave for India within four days however, the interior minister said that the government could not green light Pakistan’s participation until satisfactory security is ensured.

4. Congress playing politics in the name of cotton farmers: RSS

Pro-Congress farmer outfit–Khet Mazdoor Congress–lent support to the demonstration. The farmers claimed that they sold 20,000 quintals of cotton to Agriculture Produce Market Committee (APMC) in Wardha, which in turn sold it to Prabhakar Talatule who owns a ginning and pressing unit. The farmers had accused the RSS of shielding Talatule, who they claimed has failed to make payments to farmers in Seloo at Wardha for their produce sold between November 2014 and May 2015.

5. Either Centre or Tamil Nadu government should release Rajiv convicts: Karunanidhi

He said the convicts have been “languishing” in jail for more than 24 years and Home Minister Rajnath Singh’s comments in the Parliament gave hope that the Centre was reviewing the request made by the Tamil Nadu government.

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