Daily News Tadka – 03.02.2016

PBs twisty take on the top five headlines of the day.

1. PM Modi Attacks Rahul Gandhi In Parliament, Reaches Out To Opposition

One must appreciate the way he is reaching out to the people. I don’t remember anyone saying “lets work togather” ! He is doing something different than our previous PM. Lets not blame him for everything. He is different and making difference.

2. The US And India Are Deepening Military Ties – And China Is Watching

The aggressive China forced India closer to US and thus China destroyed the BRICS. US and NATO will remain a major power for the foolishness of China. On one hand the US arms Pakistan, a key China ally. On the other hand they talk of US India cooperation. It is nothing but business development.

3. Kanhaiya gets clean chit in AAP govt appointed probe

One of the main questions is when the matter is being handled by the judiciary, what was the need to appoint a magisterial inquiry by the Delhi Government. This will only lead to conflict.

4. No time frame for bringing Women’s Reservation Bill

There is no interim need for this bill but it does cause hindrance towards the government’s internal women empowerment steps. Other than that, now they should focus more on their safety, education, health and socio-economic development.

5. Asia could be looking at its 1st petrol squeeze in over 15 years

There will be some good coming out of that situation. People will start walking or cycling to work. Pollution levels will drop dramatically.

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