State Elections 2016: Complete Coverage

In 2016, elections are slated to happen in  4 states. Congress is in power in 2, Trinamool in 1 and AIADMK in 1 state.

Kerala and Tamil Nadu have a history of throwing out incumbent governments for the past 30 years or so.

What will happen in 2016? See the detailed posts below to find out. More to follow!


1. Can BJP Make its entry into North East?

2. Why BJP is the front runner in Assam?

West Bengal:

3. Can Didi retain Bengal & push Left into oblivion?

4. No Ekla Chalo Re for Left & Congress in Bengal?

5. What are the prospects of BJP in Bengal?


6. Will the trend continue & Left Front come back to power?

Tamil Nadu:

7. Can Amma overturn the trend?


8. Will 2016 open new frontiers for BJP?

9. Will Rahul fail again in the state elections?

10. Prospects of Left Front in state elections 2016


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