Daily New Tadka -01.03.2016

PBs twisty take on the top five headlines of the day.

1. Uproar In Parliament Over Minister Katheria’s Remarks

As expected, opposition doesn’t want to discuss on the issue, but they stall the parliament saying they have to discuss. In Rajya Sabha, they have suggested that the discussion will commence at 2 pm and later they said they can discuss even now, but the BSP party started creating ruckus. Opposition is doing what BJP did in past. And they are doing it better.

2. Sensex Rallies 550 Points On Hopes Of Rate Cut From Raghuram Rajan

By lower Income Tax slab will effect just few people who are salaried in Corporate and Govt Enterprises. But what about the people who don’t get the salary in organised company. Earn daily wage. We should not just get away with few slab changes announcement. If Govt takes hard initiative than it should be appreciated.

3. After Budget, Back To Smriti Irani Vs Opposition In Parliament

if one has objection with papers submitted by Telanagana Police to High court please complain to KCR, why blame minister she presented facts of the court and police.

4. Delhi first to start HPV vaccine for school kids

They appear to have totally ignored the evidence provided by the UK Association of HPV Injured Daughters (AHVID) which reported that a questionnaire completed by 94 member families indicated that: • 27 girls (31% ) had adverse reactions on the same day as the vaccination, many of them suffrering immediately, within minutes. • 12 girls (14%) had adverse reactions after just 1 dose • 19 girls (22%) had adverse reactions after just 2 doses (some of these had reactions also to the 1st dose.  Initial symptoms were often ‘generally unwell, flu-like, tired, aches and pains’. With each dose the severity increased and day-by-day the severity increased.

5. Supreme Court to hear plea against P Chidambaram on Ishrat Jahan

What mr. P. Chidambaram and SIT Director Satish Sharma has done is pure treason as various skeliton on real identity of Ishrat jehan is coming out from various intelligence inputs. Even Former Home Secretory Mr. Pillai and Dy. Secy. Mr. Many is revealing the truth is quite horrible. Mr. Mani was even tortured in order to sign the second affidavit is quite anti National in nature.

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