Daily News Tadka – 26.02.2016

PBs twisty take on the top five headlines of the day.


1. Vijay Mallya Resigns From United Spirits, Gets Over Rs 500 Crore

A Bankrupt Businessman with 500 crores in his pocket for a lavish life-style. Possible only in India.  This person leads a flamboyant lifestyle and borrows Rs. 7000/- crore in the process. Finally when all money runs out he says he will only go if given a retirement package that will take care of 7 generations of his family. Why is he not acted against like any middle class person would be if they failed to repay their debt!

2. Smriti Irani Row Leaves Rajya Sabha Truce Over Bills In Tatters

Now media is better. When BJP did more than this, we never worried and blamed MMS remember? But it doesn’t mean opposition is doing right. She was quoting what circulated. She doesn’t have that authority that Sushma Swaraj had and can’t blame her for all trolls. So Congress will ask Smriti Irani to apologize but not the JNU students who actually wrote the pamphlet. Smriti Irani just read it out. Congress hypocrisy at its best.

3. Jat Quota Protests: Gurgaon Stares At Severe Water Crisis

Due to the protests, Gurgaon is the hit badly with the water crisis. Officials are finding it very difficult to ration water among the citizens and retailers are taking advantage of this situation and selling a 20 Rupees bottle for 100.

4. Mamata dares Congress, Left to forge alliance officially

When the election approaches all political parties behavior will be almost same. A common thing is that they forget their past and they are the only party serving the people honestly. Some of them become mimicry artists on the stages to bringup the corruption of opponents. The Indian electioneering has become a comedy show.

5. BJP National Executive to meet on March 19-20

It may have to brainstorm on the JNU crisis, where the government has struck down on some student activists after objectionable slogans were raised there at a meet in the memory of Afzal Guru.The party has also to take stock of agitations for Jat quotas in Haryana — its core group met on Friday to discuss the fallout — and the demand for Patel reservation in Gujarat.

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