Daily News Tadka – 25.02.2016

PBs twity take on the top five headlines of the day.

1. No Hike In Train Fares In Suresh Prabhu’s Customer-Focused Budget

Congratulations to Mr. Prabhu for presenting a balanced and realistic budget. The highlight of this budget is the Minister’s refusal to be pressurized by populism. Safety, both of the passengers as well as the public at large, is the hallmark of this budget. Everyone is happy that they won’t launch new trains and take care of the existing ones instead.
Read a detailed review on Dailyo.

2. Sanjay Dutt Walks Out Of Jail, Says ‘I Am Not A Terrorist’

Sanju baba still does not understand his case. He is not a terrorist. If he was he would have got life or death penalty. He was jailed for abetting a terror attack and for allowing his house to be a godown for bombs and providing logistics to terrorists despite being full aware of who they were.

3. ISIS Bomb Supply Chain Includes Firms In 20 Countries Including India: Report

Legally exported merchandise can be resold to groups and people of ill will. Nothing the original manufactures can do. If there is an international agency which can do the snooping and black list those firms, the manufacturers can then stop supply. They themselves are not in a position to identify the bad sorts!

4. Jaitley says PDP-BJP tie-up is a compromise in national interest

Arun Jaitley: The alliance with PDP,it is a compromise in national interest. Congress has done it on an earlier occasion with NC, we have done it now. This was brought up by Jaitley during the discussion of the JNU and Vemulla Suicide issue.

5. Kalikho Pul wins trust vote in the Arunachal Pradesh assembly

This is a big blow for Congress in Arunachal Pradesh.  Newly sworn-in Arunachal Chief Minister Chief Minister Kalikho Pul won a trust vote in the state assembly on Thursday while Wangki Lowang was elected as the new speaker.Pul, who was sworn-in on February 19 after the central government recommended that president’s rule, be lifted from the state, won by voice vote.

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