Daily News Tadka -24.02.2016

PBs twisty take on the top five headlines of the day.

1. Vikram Chauhan, Ring-Leader of Court Attacks, Arrested, gets Bail – Signifies lacunae in our legal system!

Delhi Police finally arrested the lawyer who led attack against journalists and JNU students in Patiala House courts after much pressure. And the chap gets bail within minutes. Being a lawyer helped. He knew our legal system can’t harm him. It is sad how lawyers don not believe in fair trails, and his statement that ‘Allegations are yet to be proved’ even though there are video of him, is a clear stand of hypocrisy.

2. Budget to bring reforms towards simplified tax regime – Demand of taxpayers!

Taxpayers have big hopes from budget. Tight markets globally, Jaitley’s penchant for pet schemes of the UPA like the MGNREGA, lax tax revenues (especially on the corporate side), tough fiscal deficit targets to maintain credit rating, and Modi’s efforts at populism to woo back rural voters are some of the factors which would be an overhang on this Budget. So not much scope for tax cuts it appears.

Read our piece in DailyO on 10 decisions Arun Jaitley must take in Budget 2016 for Individual Taxpayers.

3. Cong demands Haryana govt. dismissal – A bit too much!

Congress today demanded that the Haryana government be dismissed, assembly dissolved and fresh election held as the BJP dispensation does not have the right to stay in office in the wake of the Jat quota agitation that has left several people dead and damaged properties worth Rs 20,000 crores.

After instigating the stir in Haryana they want the dismissal of the government. Strange! Congress thinks it can fool the people endlessly. Bhai did you dismiss Hooda and Gehlot governments when Jat / Gujjar agitation took place. No. So why now? Agreed handling of situation could have been better but dismissal a bit too much of an ask.

4. Irani vs Opposition – Spirited speech, UP CM candidate in the making!

In a heated debate in Parliament on JNU controversy and Rohith Vermual suicide Smriti took on first Mayawati and then Rahul saying she was being targeted for contesting against Rahul. In an emotional outburst which won her points, she gave it back to opposition for playing politics over student’s death and national security emphasizing her ministry doesn’t interfere in the day to day affairs of universities.

Rahul and Sonia left the Parliament before her speech ended. The firebrand Mayawati was also taken aback by Irani’s aggressive defence. Many see in this speech the new UP CM candidate. Does this lady have the fire power to take on Maya and Akhilesh?

5. Hooda’s close aide booked for sedition – Congress hand behind Jat Protests?

Virender, advisor to former CM Hooda accepted that the voice in the clip circulating is of him instigating the Jat protestors. Later under pressure he backtracked calling clip “doctored”. Anyways we have another charge of sedition slapped on him after Kanhaiya.Courts will now have to look at the definition more closely to lay down guidelines of such charge.


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