Daily NewsTadka – 22.02.2016

PBs twisty take on the top five headlines of the day.

1. SC pulls up Kejriwal govt on water crisis – Don’t blame center for everything!

SC raps AAP govt. after it again blamed BJP govt. for all ills faced by Delhi. If this is the case resign Mr. Kejriwal. Take some responsibility. Communicate / collaborate with center and don’t confront always!

2. Haryana Jat Protests – Jiski Laathi Uski Bhains!

Along with this, the death toll has risen to 16 and Government has promised Rs. 10 lakh and jobs to the kin of the deceased. Why hasn’t state police chief and intelligence chief been sacked yet?

Govt. clearly buckling under pressure. Now blames Congress for instigating stir. The agitation happened during Congress regime as well, so did BJP flare it then?

3. Govt. to seek broader consensus on GST – Needs to act fast!

Debates, discussions and decisions have taken a beating in the parliament. Disruptions are going on regularly and unabated as seen in the last two sessions. Enough has been said about GST and other bills. Action is missing all the time. One may conclude that all the political parties are equally not interested in passing these bills!

I have limited hope on this session due to JNU, Arunachal, NH episode with opposition united to scuttle Parliament operation.

4. Swamy moves SC to build Ram temple in Ayodhya – Wants to occupy space left by Advani!
Swamy is not asking to build a temple, he is asking Supreme Court to decide based on evidence & facts. But matter already in courts and some decision expected by mid March.
It can be seen as a ploy to polarize Hindu voters ahead of UP polls. BJP can win only if 50% of all Hindu sub-castes vote for the party. If votes split chances difficult. A common theme around Hindus could be construction of Ram temple.
However, it forgets that Hindus voted for Modi in LS 2014 and gave 73 / 80 seats to party on the plank of development and not Ram temple.
5. Arrest vs Surrender – Chor-Police game on in JNU!
After Umer Khalid appeared in JNU, students have demanded that he be arrested. Bassi for some strange reason wants them to surrender (may be for fear of violence). Should go and track him down if police has evidence against him. He seems to have been affected by the media backlash.

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