Daily News Tadka – 20.02.2016

PBs twisty take on the top five headlines of the day.

1. Government Reaches Out On Jat Reservation Demand, Says It’s Willing – Will this open a pandora’s box?

This is example of how a community can push Government for unjustified demands. This sets a bad example. UPA regime had also declared reservation but it was struck down by Supreme Court as being unconstitutional. Why would it take any different view now? Meanwile PB condemns violence in Haryana and demands strict police action. How and why this demand is different from Gujjar (Rajasthan), Kappu (Andhra) and Patidars (Patel) demands.

Time has come to re-think our reservation policy. Make a thorough assessment of our its impact till now. Time has come to move to a income based reservations across castes.

2. Congress blames RSS / BJP for flaring rebellion in Arunachal – This is natural for opposition!

Outgoing CM Nabam Tuki has blamed the RSS & BJP for instigating rebel MLAs which ultimately led to formation of a rebel Congress + BJP govt. in the state. What did he expect from BJP? Opposition parties always do these type of things. He is trying to put his failure on BJP’s head. He failed to curb rebellion in his party. He couldn’t convince his people. Why did he ask Speaker to suspend MLAs? Should have shown a conciliatory note. Now too late!

3. India, Nepal mend fences & sign 9 agreements – Good move, globe trotting fine, but maintaining good relations with neighbours of paramount importance!

The two sides signed nine agreements including one on utilisation of Indian grant of USD 250 million to Nepal for post-earthquake reconstruction and another on improving of road infrastructure in Nepal’s Terai region bordering India. Nepal which was hobnobbing with China for a while after reported big brother attitude of India and its silent backing of Madhesis, seems to have fallen in line. Nepal’s position geographically is very stratetic for India and its good news that we finally have won back our neighbour who was unhappy due to some reasons.

4. Arnab being targeted for taking pro govt. stance in JNU row – Enjoys the highest TRPs so others jealous!

Arnab is in the storm of fire. Media houses, Left-Congress supporters are tragetting him on social media for backing Modi govt. on JNU row. Newshour TRP is very high compared to other channels – NDTV, CNN-IBN etc. Its TRP = TRP of 2nd channel + TRP of 3rd channel.

I have been watching Newshour for many years now and must admit Arnab most of the times takes a right position – whether pro or anti govt. So he is not pro BJP. He had exposed Lalitgate and ran a relentless unsuccessful campaign for removal of Sushama. He was rigt at that time. He is right now as well. We can’t tolerate anti-national elements in the country and they need to be handled with a firm hand.

JNU row wouldn’t have become so big had it not been for the outrage manufactured by TV channels. When the soldier buried under snow in Siachen was fighting for his life in Delhi he became a convenient motif for the anchor to contrast with students mouthing “desh ki barbadi” on a JNU campus. Shameful!

5. Controversy over Flag Hoisting at Universities – Unnecessary!

HRD Ministry diktat of hoisting flags atop all central universities has received criticism from a section of people. It is more or less the same section which backs Kanhaiya in the JNU controversy. Tiranga is our pride and why should there be any issue in hoisting the same, that too when these universities are funded by taxpayers’ money. If these orders were applicable to private universities then also PB would support. They are based in India so why an issue with hoisting the flag.

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