Daily News Tadka – 19.02.2016

PBs twisty take on the top five headlines of the day.

1. Kanhaiya bail rejected – Confirms charges serious!

JNUSU President approached Supreme Court for bail. This was rejected and he was asked to come through proper channel that is High Court first. Its very surprising that all accused try to influence the SC (see the National Herald Case) through their battery of big lawyers. SC is right and should not entertain these cases at all, otherwise lower courts sanctity would be lost.

2. Bassi Dropped From List For Key Post Amid JNU Row – Good move, he deserved it!

Bassi’s chance to become CIC has been killed by his poor show in the JNU row. He was found ignoring directions of Supreme Court to provide security and maintain peace in the court premises. He was seen pleasing his bosses to get the post. While PB supports his actions in JNU, he should have also reined in lawyers who went on rampage in court.

3. Kalikho Pul Congress rebel sworn in as new CM of Arunachal Pradesh – BJP makes an indirect entry in north east!

Pul, the Congress rebel who has support of 21 MLAs formed a new govt. in Arunachal with outside support of 11 BJP MLAs and 2 independents, who are likely to be part of the government. Will this govt. last full term? Or will BJP pull the plug when it sees it can form govt. on its own? Let’s see.

Will Congress protest in Parliament on this issue? They still can oppose given they still oppose Afzal Guru hanging which had stamping of Supreme Court and President. They have a history of confrontation with judiciary right from Indira days.

4. Violence in Haryana over Jat quota – Disease spreading!

There have been wide spread protests in Haryana over quota demand by Jats. This is after Patidar agitation in Gujarat and Kapu stir in Andhra Pradesh. Today in India everybody wants reservations. It is a big raging issue and even communities like Patidars who are well off now demand reservation. Give education scholarships and end all reservation.

5. Vijay Mallya defiant on ‘defaulter’ tag; says PNB not ‘the only bank’ – Biggest example of crony capitalism!

If a salaried class Indian defaults on a Loan repayment,the Banks puts him behind bars but here is a case where the Banks have declared Mallaya as a willful defaulter and yet he moves around scot free making 2016 Kingfisher Calendar with sizzling models.

Helplessness of our banking system in full display in this case. Supreme Court has asked RBI to furnish list of defaulters above Rs. 500 crores. Banks have written off Rs. 1.14 lakh crore of bad loans in past few years. Is this another 2G scam in the making? Read my related post in DailyO.



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