Daily News Tadka – 18 Feb. 2016

PBs twisty take on the top five headlines of the day.

1. PM Modi’s $222 Billion Make-in-India Haul – Something to cheer about!

Make In India has scored major wins with USD 222b worth MOUs / commitments. This is expected to give a big boost to jobs in manufacturing sector. India has created 4 million manufacturing jobs since 2010, according to Boston Consulting Group. At the current rate, India may only create 8 million jobs by 2022, well below the govt’s target of 100 million.

Implementation here will be the key, clearances etc for all these commitments need to be put on fast track. India can’t afford to miss this great opportunity.

2. Garlands And Congrats For Goons Who Led Court Attack – What is Modi govt. & Delhi Police doing?

No action against lawyers who beat up journalists and arrested JNU student in the garb of public outcry is as condemnable as anti-India slogans in campus. If the trend is not checked , courts campus will be identified as breading place of hardened criminals. Modi is losing the perception battle and actions of govt. do not appear to be fair.

3. Rupee nears record lows, but RBI not unduly worried – Because oil is at USD 30!

Even with such a weak currency, exports are not going up but coming down which is a bigger worry. With oil at 30 India can afford to have rupee at 70 levels but what if oil climbs back to 100 levels. With currency at 70 India will be screwed. So an alternative plan must be kept ready. Modi would also have realized that making it an election issue was not wise, after there is something called as global factors.


4. Both PDP, BJP positive on continuing alliance in J&K – Paka diya logon ko!

PDP-BJP on discussion table yet again to discuss about govt. continuation in J&K. PDP is asking for withdrawal of Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) and holding talks with separatists with a specific timeline. Will the nationalist BJP agree for these demands from PDP to save the govt. in J&K? That’s an interesting event to watch out for!

5. Supreme Court lifts status quo on President’s Rule in Arunachal – New govt. to be formed!

S. Court prima facie has uphled High Court order staying the disqualification of 14 Congress MLAs. This paves the way for formation of Congress rebel – BJP alliance govt. in Arunachal. Another state comes under BJP rule? Amit Shah will get brownie points from Modi!


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