Daily News Tadka – 17.02.2016

PBs twisty take on the top five headlines of the day.

1. Petrol price cut by 32p/litre, diesel costs 28p/litre more

Clearly the government is filling its treasury with the global fall in crude prices.
Marginal adjustment in the prices and the reduced petrol prices will be welcomed by lower and middle class families.

2. Cabinet recommends revocation of President rule in arunachal

Clever maneuvering by BJP for this ‘politically fragile’ state. The very purpose of litigation in Supreme court is nullified by the apex court’s refusal to restrain the Governor now.

3. Posters calling for ‘ajadi’ put up in Jadavpur University, ABVP tears them down

Along with this, ABVP allegedly vandalised the university complex. University students should show some restraint and discretion when looking for a cause to fight. Too much freedom where they are not ready to take it with accountability and responsibility is dangerous for democracy.

4. Repetition of Monday’s clashes at Kanhaiya’s hearing

BS Bassi acting brazenly, denies the charge that Kanhaiya was beaten up inside the court. Sad to see government officials stoop to such barbaric acts.

5. VC appeals to political parties, not yo interfere in JNU row.

It is a difficult demand as any politician will definitely barge in if they hear ‘anti-national ‘ anything.

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