Daily News Tadka – 13.02.2016

PBs twisty take on the top five headlines of the day.

1. Jaitley: Modi has the last word – Unlike MMS in Sonia govt.?

Manmohan in an interview to India Today has accused Modi of not speaking often. Jaitley hit back accusing MMS for not properly advising his party regarding economic situations. He also made a below the belt remark saying Modi is the supreme authority in BJP govt. unlike UPA where Sonia despite occupying no constitutional position was the final authority. Jaitley also among the first to jump to defend Modi (chamchagiri as he is also under pressure to be relieved of finance ministry).

2. Congress-DMK join hands in Tamil Nadu – Formidable opposition to Amma?

The old allies are back again. In Tamil Nadu they will together take on Jayalalitha. As per the trend of last 30 years AIADMK and DMK have alternatively ruled the state. So this time its DMK’s turn. But good show by Jayalalitha in LS polls (sweep) plus division in party due to Azahgiri (Karunanidhi’s son) leaving the party made DMK prospects weak. Congress doesn’t have significant presence in Tamil Nadu like BJP and has always piggybacked on Dravidian parties. Bihar like situation should be happy with 30 odd seats.

3. Modi promises stable tax regime in Make in India event – Belief in India more important!

PM made a captivating speech with facts and rehetorics entailing to make business easier in India. What the PM is saying about Make In India is excellent. But the quality of services and delivery of Indian workforce and its attitude to work needs to undergo a sea change. Also belief in India more important than make in India. On a lighter note, when is the PM organising a ‘Stay in India’ event?

4. Offered Rs 1,200 crores + plum position to withdraw quota stir, alleges Hardik Patel – BJP Gujarat in trouble!

Why is he saying it now? While he may appear to have a following, he certainly has no credibility in anything he says or may say. Looks like another publicity stunt to most. Does he have the capacity to move Patels away from BJP? Is he the leader of Patels? These are some of the questions which will determine Gujarat results in 2017.


5. JNU Incident – A big bawal!

More new updates on the shameful anti India incident at JNU. The local police have already sought a transfer of the case to the Special Branch, saying it is a matter of sedition and terror links could emerge. HM has now alleged that the JNU incident backed by Hafiz Sayeed. God knows what is true! Anti nationals can’t be tolerated! Whether its JNU or J&K university or DU or BHU anywhere? They have to be dealt strictly! Also shows Congress and Left coming together. No surprises as they have similar ideology and ganging up in Bengal.


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