Daily News Tadka – 12.02.2016

PB’s twisty take on the top five headlines of the day.

1. Sonia-Rahul Ordered To Face Trial In NH Case – No respite for Gandhis?

Supreme Court exempted both Sonia and Rahul Gandhi from appearing in the court during the trials, but rejected their appeal to stop trial of their case. Gandhis want preferential treatment as always and court has in a way given it to them. But this no big respite as case will continue. Swamy will continue to haunt them. The long legal process in India means though that it will be a long… process before final final judgement is delivered.#

2. Gold Price Surges Closer to Rs. 30,000 – Back again?

Gold which was written off as an asset class by a section of investment analysts is back with a bang. It’s on path to touch 30k. wedding season in April in India can further give it a push. With oil at low prices, investors may find it as a new haven to make money.

3. Muzaffarnagar bypoll a litmus test for BJP – Prestige at Stake?

The bypoll in Muzaffarnagar, which was held yesterday was necessitated after the death of the SP MLA. His son has now been nominated by the party as its candidate. BSP will miss these polls, a sane strategy as assembly polls due next year. This will also not make public BSP’s position in terms of vote share and keep people guessing.

BJP won LS seat by huge margin of 4 lakh votes and was also leading in the assembly segment by 65,000 votes. BSP candidate was 2nd in LS polls. Congress is backing up on the minority votes with a Muslim candidate. Results eagerly awaited!

4. National Defence College on LeT hit-list – Cause of Concern!

New updates on the Headley case show how easy it is for individuals to do what they want in this country and how great a threat can be. Security threat from ISIS and Pakistan based terror groups very high. Local support is a casue of concern and should be dealt with sternly.

5. Law and order in Bihar – Is it deteriorating or played up by media?

Paswan’s LJP has demanded President’s rule. Last year crime was down. This year it has spurted and killing of BJP / LJP leaders a cause of concern. Good governance and poor law and order can’t go hand in hand. Nitish better act before its too late!


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