Daily News Tadka – 09.02.2016

PBs twisty take on the top five headlines of the day.

1. Allies want same treatment as Vajpayee days – Don’t like Modi-Shah arm-twisting!

Vajpayee was known for his gentle nature. The situation was different in 1999-2004. BJP /Vajpayee needed the support of allies for survival of government. BJP had only 182 MPs, 90 short than majority. Modi and Shah don’t need allies (less dependent) as they have 282 seats on their own. Plus they are aggressive as evident in the way they dealt with Shiv Sena. However, it does not have majority in Rajya Sabha and needs them there. So should work towards their engagement as well. In 2019, repetition of same performance from BJP is difficult so it will need allies.

Image Courtesy : indiatoday.intoday.in

2. Azad loses battle for CBI probe in DDCA case – Reprieve for Jaitley?

The Delhi High Court has rejected Kirti Azad’s plea seeking an impartial Court monitored Special Investigation Team to probe irregularities in DDCA. Azad was suspended from party because of his tirade against Jaitley which was not appreciated by a section of BJP supporters considering Modi’s uncompromising attitude on corruption.

BJP logic of you can’t hold Jaitley responsible of irregularities in DDCA is not entirely correct. Then why they were targetting MMS for 2G scam. However, also seems to me some personal grudge of Kirti against Jaitley which is leading to this ugly battle in courts.

Image Courtesy: http://www.catchnews.com

3. AAP leaders chickening out in defamation case combine – No respite from Supreme Court!

One of the 5 AAP leaders accused by Jaitley of criminal defamation rushed to Supreme Court to relieve him of charges. Seems they are panicking at the prospect of losing and paying damages. Total damages sought by Jaitley is Rs. 10 crores, so they will have to shell out Rs. 2 crores each. Mark my words. The day Kejriwal loses the court case, if he does, he might resign accusing center of targetting him and may try to create a crisis in Delhi.

Further as more and more days pass by it is becoming clear that AAP is like any other party. Congress released a sting video in which a close associate of AAP minister Imran Hussain was purportedly asking for a bribe of Rs 30 lakh from a builder. While BJP asked for Kejriwal’s resignation, AAP leaders blame it to be a conspiracy. Plus minority politics!

Image Courtesy: mayatoday.com

4. Ram Madhav to hold talks with PDP chief to break impasse – Power ka chaska is big!

Madhav, who had played a key role in forging alliance with PDP, may meet her after the 40-day mourning period following Sayeed’s demise ends next week. PDP is also pushing for more financial assistance to the state from the Centre. PDP wants a divorce. But Mehbooba also wants to remain CM. MLAs dont want re-election. No guarantee she will win again if polls held now. With Congress her father had a trust deficit. Additionally, both Congress and PDP compete for the same vote bank. No threat from BJP in this aspect. Always better to be in good books of center. Power ka chaska may hold them together!

Image Courtesy: http://www.tehelka.com


5. Private sector qouta in jobs

Parliamentary Panel led by Shakeel-uz-Zaman Ansari has sent its recommendation for a bill for private sector quota to the Ministry ahead of the budget session. Congress and Left parties have raised the matter several times in the past. This is ridiculous to say the least. The govt. sector is inefficient partly because of non-merit people finding a way through the reservation system. Provide education, scholarships to needy and make them ready to take up jobs on merit and not quota.

Image Cuortesy: blog.askiitians.com







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