Daily News Tadka – 06.02.2016

PBs twisty take on the top five headlines of the day.

1. Shah meets Punjab Deputy CM to decide next State President – Elections season is back!

BJP President Amit Shah met Jaitley along with General Secretary (Organisation) Ram Lal, two former party presidents of Punjab and Deputy CM to finalise the next party chief for Punjab. Also discussed was the strategy for the upcoming state Assembly election in 2017.

Jaitley has become an election strategist. One who lost in Modi wave is now determining Punjab BJP course. If BJP wants to save face must pull out of Badal govt. Else destined to lose. Huge anti-incumbency against Badals. AAP and Congress in contention for top slot.

Image Courtesy: http://www.niticentral.com

2. Pak brings back Kashmir hurdle into talks process – Will it ever learn?

Pakistan is not keen on NSA meet, even a clandestine one, until the foreign secretaries meet. India cancelled foreign secretaries meet till Pak took concrete action on Pathankot attack. No positive development on that front as well. Why is the need to talk to Pakistan now? Either get back POK or move on and accept LoC as final. Modi fell into the trap to get Nobel Peace Prize like Vajpayee.

Image Courtesy: inserbia.info

3. Azam alleges Modi met Dawood in Pakistan – BJP demands apology!

Azam Khan has again created controversy by alleging Modi met Dawood in his recent stop over at Pakistan. He said he has proof. If he has should release rather make such ir-responsible statements. But this is normal for Azam Khan who has a big mouth and doesn’t think twice before saying anything. BJP demanded apology. Unlikely to get. SP can’t take action as leader from their most important vote bank.

4. Govt wants fresh bill to probe complaints against judges – Confrontation with judiciary?

While judiciary is hailed as the biggest saviour of Indian democracy it is also true that there is rampant corruption in judiciary especially in lower courts. The Judicial Standards and Accountability Bill has lapsed. The lapsed bill provided for a comprehensive mechanism for handling complaints made by citizens on grounds of alleged misbehaviour and incapacity against judges of the Supreme Court and High courts.

With government already at loggerheads with judiciary on NJAC issue and President’s Rule in Arunachal Pradesh, this could add to the unease between executive and judiciary.

Image Courtesy: indianexpress.com

5. BJP’s dilemma: To name or not to name a CM candidate in UP – Without naming no chance!

A series of internal consultations in the past few weeks has not produced any answer. The problem for the BJP in UP is that it does not have many credible options to choose from in the politically crucial state where the party got 71 out of 80 Lok Sabha seats in 2014. Whether to name a candidate or not? BJP still debating is a big surprise after what happened to them in Bihar. Indian elections more and more becoming Presidential style where people also vote for leadership.

Which caste candidate to name – forward (15%) or backward (45% excluding Dalits)? Naming forward means you lose out on backward votes which are more in number. Naming backward means upper caste support base may drift towards Mayawati like in 2007. Big headache for BJP in UP. Announce a candidate and back it to the hilt is the only chance to win UP.

Image Courtesy: hindustantimes.com


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