Daily News Tadka – 02.02.2016

PBs twisty take on the top five headlines of the day.

1. Mehbooba Keeps Up Suspense On Jammu And Kashmir – No clarity ahead!

Image Courtesy : http://www.newindianexpress.com
Govt. formation stalemate continues in J&K. Mehbooba has re-iterated that center needs to take confidence building measures. God knows what does that mean. Her confidence building (more portfolios) or public confidence building. She is getting jittery about her vote bank. Congress and NC may get back her valley voters if she appears soft on BJP. BJP trying to grab onto power somehow but doesn’t have much to lose if Mehbooba withdraws from govt. BJP can rule the state for some months by proxy through Governor. It’s actually the people of J&K which will lose in the end. Time to rethink over our electoral practices, whether single largest party be allowed to form govt. on its won or simple majority is absolutely necessary.
2. Will India Throw Out Archaic Law On Gay Sex? – 5 Judges Asked To Decide!
Image Courtesy : http://www.ndtv.com
5 judge bench will decide whether to admit a curative petition against the Supreme Court’s verdict in December 2013 restoring the ban on gay sex. The bill was rejected in Parliament after Shashi Tharoor failed to introduce it with only 21 MPs backing it. A touchy topic with a section of old fashioned Indians. Supreme court can only make a ruling based on law and the constitution, not based on morality and public opinion! Why is it that we expect the Supreme Court to do what the elected law makers are supposed to? Answer could be that lawmakers have failed. So courts have to inrevene. That’s why judicial activism on the rise.

3. Hardik Patel – Congress will win 2017 Gujarat Assembly polls – Now that’s a challenge!

Image Courtesy : zeenews.india.com
The 22-year-old Patidar quota leader, who is in jail for two sedition cases, made these statements during his brief interaction with the media outside the Kathor court in Surat. This will have huge impact on Gujarat polls. Any loss here will be a big embarassment for Modi. Patidars account for 16% of population and 70% have traditionally voted for BJP. 10% of BJP vote share is from Patel community. This is the difference between Congress and BJP vote share. If they shift allegiance towards Congress BJP will lose big time. See our related post of DailyO on this topic.
4. Rahul-Modi spar over NREGA – Politics over populist schemes!
Image Courtesy: http://www.rediff.com
As UPA’s flagship scheme MGNREGA completed 10 years on Tuesday, BJP and Congress engaged in a war of words. Earlier Modi criticized the scheme but now seems to be backing the same. He has understood the harsh reality of Indian politics. You can’t antagonise the poor and win elections. If these schemes are discontinued poor will throw out Modi in 2019. Modi doesn’t want to commit the same mistake as Vajpayee’s India Shining campaign. While GDP growth, FDI, low inflation, smart cities all good, but many people in India have bigger issues – arranging for their next meal.
 5. Rajnath apprises Muslim leaders of ISIS threat – Good move by govt.!
Image Courtesy: m.dailyhunt.in

The government of India has to use its own discretion in tackling the issue of terrorism and that too with an iron hand rising above the vote bank politics. The threat of Islamic fundamentalism is gravest and future of not only India but world depends on how each country deals with it. In this regard, Rajnath meeting with Muslim clerics is important. The community needs to take steps to prevent youth from drawing towards ISIS. Teaching begins at home and the community surely will take necessary steps to counter this threat.

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