Daily News Tadka -30.10.2016

PBs twisty take on the top five headlines of the day.

1. Government hikes excise duty on petrol and diesel – Oh! Not again Mr. Jaitley!

Image Courtesy: CarWale


Government has hiked again the excise duty by Rs. 1 per litre on petrol and by Rs.1.50 on diesel – the third increase this month – before budget, to mop up over Rs. 3,200 crore in additional revenue.
Who is getting benefit of crude price reduction? Not common people. Will Government reduce excise duty when prices start going up? Not sure! All this additional revenue is a hog wash.
Crude fell from $120/bbl levels to $30/bbl levels but price of petrol fell only from Rs. 80/liter to Rs. 60/liter. Price can easily be Rs. 50/liter, lower by 10 rupees. Additional excise of Rs. 10/lite means 1,20,000 crores of additional money annually could have been given in taxpayers hands. This could have been saved or increased consumption.

2. Rahul joins Rohit suicide protests – Politics over death

Image Courtesy : DNA India


Students of UoH protested held a protest to mark the 27th birthday of Vemula, who committed suicide on 17 January creating a political storm across India.
Congress claims that BJP is crushing spirits, BJP is saying that Congress is shedding crocodile tears, no one knows when will this stop. Rahul eyeing Dalit vote bank which has shifted to BSP and BJP over the years.

3.  Nagaland may get seperate flag as part of final accord with Centre – One more special status state!

Image Courtesy : The Wire

A separate flag is one of 33 demands made by the NSCN-IM, which has been engaged in talks with the central government since a truce was finalized recently. The NSCN-IM’s demand for a separate currency has been ruled out. Along with dual citizenship and different constitution many other demands have been shunned due to opposition from other states. Are we on the verge of creating another J&K? BJP should be wary of any such move.

4. BJP workers join strike of MCD workers – Delhi stinks!

Image Courtesy: Indian Express


As Delhi suffers with garbage on the roads, BJP joined the strike of MCD workers against Delhi govt. to pay their dues. Why are these workers demanding pay from Delhi govt. They should demand the same from MCD.
AAP has formed a task force to lift the garbage off the roads. Reported clashes between these two groups. Not only are MCD workers not doing their duty. They are not letting others clean garbage as well.
BJP seems to be at its worst political gimmick. Does it want to create a situation like in Arunachal and bring President’s rule in Delhi? Should avoid this at all cost?

5. Gujarat CM Anandiben gets 3 months to sort Patidar agitation – BJP clearly under pressure to save Its citadel Gujarat!

Gujarat Chief Minister Anandiben Patel At Vibrant Gujarat Curtain Raiser
Image Courtesy: Hindustan Times

The party has given Patel the message that the Patel community’s seven-month-old agitation for reservations in government jobs has dragged on for too long and needs to be quelled now to prevent long term damage to the party.
BJP under pressure if they lose Gujarat, it will be a major embarrassment for Modi. Anadiben seen as mild and not tough enough to handle Waghela – Patel Jodi.


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