Daily News Tadka – 29.01.2016

PBs twisty take on the top five headlines of the day.

1. Centre files 316-page affidavit in SC to justify imposition of President’s rule in Arunachal – Verdict on Monday!


BJP & Congress at loggerheads with Congress accusing BJP of murder of democracy while BJP reminding Congress of Emergency days. What’s the reason for President’s Rule imposition – law and order problem and breakdown of constitutional machinery (official position).  But in news channels spokespersons point out assembly didn’t constitute for the past 6 months. Thought Governor called for a session in Dec. 2015, then how no assembly proceedings for past 6 months.

2. Another AAP MLA arrested for allegedly leading violent protest – Party of goons or being targetted by BJP!


6th lawmaker from the ruling party in Delhi to be arrested, AAP’s Vikaspuri MLA Mahinder Yadav was held on Friday under various charges including, rioting and assaulting public servant during a protest. Politicians don’t care about cases when fighting for people. Their stature increases actually if arrested or put behind bars. Also a result of tussle between Delhi Police and AAP.

3. India may clock 8% if rural demand rises – But how Mr. Jaitley?


Jaitley says India can grow at 8% if rural demand kicks off. While the Modi government has cleared hurdles for free-er entry of foreign capital in India while the initiatives like Make in India aims at turning the country into a global manufacturing hub to generate jobs and drive growth. But the state of political affairs has slowed down implementation of GST and land reform.

How will the rural demand come back when the poor farmers are not getting remunerative prices for their crops (MSP) and are being forced to commit suicide under the burden of debt?

4. China’s 2015 fiscal revenue growth plunges – Will it lead the GFC this time?


Fiscal revenue rose 5.8% to $2.3 trillion slowing from the 8.6% rise seen in 2014. Weak performances by companies and structural tax reductions also played a role. It is the slowest in the country in past 2.5 decades since the 3.8% in 1990.

China’s growth has reduced and fears of a big slowdown loom large. Markets have plunged and Marc Faber has put its growth at 4% instead of 6.9% reported. Will it lead the imminent global financial crisis this time around. Looks like!

5. Indian eves beat Australia for T20 series win – Join boys in the celebrations!


Indian women cricket team established a 2-0 lead in the three-match series which will wind up on January 31 in Sydney. India restricted Australia to 125 in the match which was reduced to 18-overs-a-side following rain interruption. Congratulation to the women’s team who are making us proud. They join the boys who have also thrashed Aussies on their own soil.

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