Daily News Tadka – 27.01.2016

PBs twisty take on the top five headlines of the day.

1.  MCD workers on strike in Delhi – Kejriwal and Central govt. play ping pong

Over 1.5 lakh employees of MCD are on a 3 day strike due to the inability of the cash-strapped North and East Delhi civic bodies to pay salaries to the workers for 3-4 months now. Kejriwal has shrugged the issue till date saying it’s not under Delhi govt. jurisdiction and these municipalities are under the control of BJP. He needs to take time out of his special movie screenings and pay heed to those in need. Else around 3 lakh votes will go away from him in next elections.


2. India to take up baloon intrusion with Pakistan – How many issues will we take up, we need to prioritize? 

India has decided to take up with Pakistan the issue of air intrusion by a huge balloon which was shot down by a Sukhoi-after it was detected coming from across the border. The balloon did not contain any suspicious payload like sensors and cameras or any explosive material. So I don’t know what will we take up. Rather we should focus energy on taking up ruthlessly Pathankot and 26/11 incidents.


3. France ‘marginally’ reduces Rafale price – Bargaining continues!

However, India is seeking more reduction and the multi-billion dollar deal could take at least another 6 weeks to finalize. France needs India more than the other way round as India has a host of options ranging from F-18s, Sukhois, etc. So bargain hard.


4. Arunachal crisis – Notice to center, who are the advisors to Modi, needs to change them fast!


Supreme Court has given notice to center and asked it to file a rely by Friday. It has also asked for Governor’s report. Fingers crossed for BJP. Will Supreme Court overturn the decision of govt?

Unnecessary panga with Supreme Court was not required. Matter was already pending with larger constitutional bench. See my article with my partner in DailyO on the same subject written before SC hearing

5. Shani temple issue gains steam – Larger question of women rights!

shani temple

Nearly 500 women activists were stopped en route by nearly 1,000 villagers and local police preventing them to enter Shani temple. CM Devendra Fadnavis has said women have the right to pray and urged the temple authorities to hold a dialogue with the women’s group.

Are we also going to see protests to let men enter in some temples they are not allowed in or women to be allowed in mosques in India. Women should be allowed in all religious places as it is their right.

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