Modi ensures Shah gets another term


Amit Shah was re-elected as BJP’s President for another term of three years. Modi ensured his right hand man continues in the job despite rumblings from elders and recent reverses. Modi needs Shah more than ever before. His govt. popularity is on the decline after Delhi and Bihar polls, in such a scenario, he needs his hanuman at the helm of the party to keep a check on dissidents. He knows 2019 will be tough, retaining 282 seats, will be difficult, hence party backing is a must.

Shah has his task cut out. Party is facing an uphill task to win UP and retain states like Punjab, MP, Gujarat, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan which will not be easy. Some of these bastions may fall into opposition hands. Advani camp ministers – Rajnath, Sushama – are lying low but may bounce back in case of further poll reverses.

The Gujarati bhai log control over party and govt. is full. However, its important to see whether Shah has learnt from mistakes and will curb his bull dozing and non-consultative approach. Giving more power to state leaders will actually help BJP.

If you start thrusting dhokla and khaman in everybody’s plate for breakfast, it won’t work as India is a diverse country with many tastes and local flavours. Hope Shah has learnt from his failures. His success is very important for Modi’s success. Modi has placed his bet on this horse again. Time will tell if it was a good bet or not….

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