Daily News Tadka -25.01.2016

PBs twisty take on the top five headlines of the day.

1. Republic Day address of President – An indirect attack on government!

The President wished the country on the eve of Republic Day. On relations with Pakistan he remarked “Dialogue should be a continual engagement, but we cannot discuss peace under a shower of bullets.” Was this a subtle hint at BJP’s policy of rapprochement with Pak despite terror attacks and border incursions.

Relations between BJP government and President have been cordial and the real test could be the President Rule order for Arunachal Pradesh discussed below.


2. Rafael Deal Signed – No clarity on price!

India and France finally signed an agreement to buy/sell 36 jets nearly nine months after declaring to go for an agreement. However, a strange agreement which doesn’t have price agreed. Indian Air Force needs a big upgrade and choice is between developing indigenous or purchasing from big manufacturers like Russia, US or France.

Indigenous would take time so not a bad decision. Whether its the best amongst F-18s, MIGs is debatable and must have been considered? The price loop should be closed as soon as possible.



3. Kejriwal to build public opinion on odd-even formula – Should have been done earlier before trial implementation!

AAP govt. has decided to invite public suggestions through a 6 point questionnaire on the odd-even formula. Not bad! Kejriwal should have done this earlier. This sort of ingenuity is what drew people towards AAP and it needs to get back to its old innovative ways to win back a few hearts which might have been disappointed with politician Kejriwal.

The plan will definitely help curb pollution and reduce traffic.


4. Padma Awards announced – Controversy as always!

Returning awards for ostensibly public agenda or awarding them to people as a part of political tactic, is dis-respecting the worth of such awards. As always there has been controversy about the criteria for such awards. This is quite hazy and a big panel consisting of people from various walks of life is the need of the hour. Or even an online voting sort of platform for public to participate.


5. Congress to appeal to SC against President Rule – Will this stand the test of courts?

Congress has announced that the party will file a petition before Supreme Court against the Centre’s decision to impose President’s rule in Arunachal Pradesh. It has not yet received Presidential nod. News that President asked for some clarifications on the same. The matter is already in Supreme Court and the Modi govt. has displayed unnecessary haste in imposing article 356. Will court put a stay on this or not remains to be seen. Interesting times ahead…

BJP has played a Congress on Congress govt. in Arunachal. Indira used / misused the tool for the highest (41% of total President Rules of the country) number of times. Also an indication of Congressization of BJP, not good for its supporters!



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