Daily News Tadka: 24.01.2016

PB twisty take on 5 important news items of the day.

1. BJP govt. declassifies 100 secret Netaji files on his birth anniversary – Will this end controversy about his death?

Modi govt. fulfilled his promise of declassifying secret Netaji files. Loads of info. has been released which will take some days to digest and analyze. The biggest question is whether mystery surrounding his death will be unravelled. Looks unlikely because both camps have maintained their same stand even after this release. Proponents of theory that Netaji died in air crash in Taipie claim their stand vindicated while opponents say this theory has many loopholes. Apart from political tug of war between Congress-BJP it remains to be seen whether this declassification serves any purpose or not.

2. Amit Shah elected as President for another 3 years – Honeymoon period over, now has to deliver!

Modi right hand man Amit Shah has been re-elected as President of BJP for another three years. This despite losses in Delhi and Bihar. Margdarshak mandal leaders Advani and Joshi boycotted the meeting. With this Modi’s control over party and govt. is complete. Shah’s style of functioning has been criticized and it remains to be seen if he changes that or not. Modi saved him this time but can’t forever specially if BJP fails to win UP next year or loses any of its citadels in MP, Gujarat or Chhattisgarh. Khaman and khandwa to continue to be served in BJP meetings for now…

3. Cabinet recommends President’s Rule in Arunachal – Who is advising Modi on these issues, self proclaimed strategist Jaitley?

Modi govt. has recommended President’s rule in Arunachal. Last month it was criticized for jod-tod politics to put in place a govt. led by Congress rebels. Matter is pending in Supreme Court and this haste was unwarranted. Jaldi kya hai! The pressure to saffronize the whole country and form governments either by hook or crook is unnecessarily taking a toll on BJP. Why draw unnecessary controversy?

4. Netaji was a war criminal? – War breaks between BJP and Congress!

A war of words has broken between Congress and BJP. In one of the declassified docs. Nehru has mentioned Netaji as a war criminal. BJP has hit back saying Nehru didn’t want Netaji to return as he feared competition. Congress has rubbished these claims and stated Nehru has highest regard for Netaji. Both these leaders have contributed a lot to the freedom movement and belittling them by either groups not justified.

5. A spree of IPOs on the block – Is it the right time?

A string of IPOs expected to garner Rs. 2,500 crores likely to hit the exchanges soon. With markets under pressure and reaching pre Modi levels, is it the correct time and will these listings be successful. The IPO process takes a lot of time for preparations and when these would have been done and Info Memo / Prospectus prepared the markets would have been at healthy levels. May impact valuations though as comparable P/Es would have dropped by now.










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