Daily News Tadka -22.01.2016

PBs twisty take on the top five headlines of the day.

1. Terror Suspects Arrested Across Country To Prevent Paris-Style Attack – Real threat looming large!


6 terror suspects reportedly having allegiance to ISIS were arrested by NIA yesterday. Many more apprehended. The ISIS threat seems to be bigger than anticipated and real. India on high alert. They need to be neutralized.

Some human rights agencies bound to take up their cause, why they were picked up at 3 am without search warrants etc etc. Its a matter of national security. Please don’t politicize, let NIA do their work.

2. Poll strategist Prashant Kishor made advisor to CM in Bihar – Gets rewarded under Nitish, shunted under Modi / Shah

nitish prashant

PK has been made an advisor to Nitish in Bihar. He is largely responsible for JDU-RJD win and has been suitably awarded. He had a grouse against Amit Shah and BJP for not giving him adequate credit for Modi’s spectacular victory.

Also set to appoint 1,200 consultants across Bihar to work closely with state administration to monitor development. He should also seriously give Nitish some advise to tackle the deteriorating law and order situation in Bihar else it will become another UP.

3. Modi may reset cabinet to regain winning ways – Big jig on the cards?


Rumours doing the rounds of a big cabinet re-shuffle. Jaitley is loaded with ministries and needs to be less burdened. The big question is will Modi move out Jaitley of finance where his performance has not been wow! Sushama, Piyush, Prabhu, Parrikar and Gadkari doing well and need not be changed.

Swamy may be brought in as Commerce Minister to reward him for his anti Gandhi tirade and under pressure from RSS. Also its time to induct the services of margdarhsak mandal in policy making, especially Shourie in Finance and Joshi in Education. But doubtful!

4. Salman Khan acquittal will be appealed – No easy escape for actor! 


The Maharashtra government has decided to challenge in the Supreme Court the acquittal of actor Salman Khan in the 2002 hit-and-run case. Is this just to hide inept police handling of the case and earn some brownie points.

If this leads to another 10+ years of trial with torture to Salman, victims and their families, then its not required. Is it a better to idea to provide more compensation to the victims and their families and close the case? I am not sure! But may be a practical solution!

5. Government may further hike excise on petrol, diesel before budget – Spare the common man, Mr. Jaitley!


The government is looking at one more hike in excise duty on petrol and diesel before the Budget next month so as to raise revenue and meet the fiscal deficit target for 2015-16. The comparable data of lowering crude prices and prices of petroleum products shows that the lion’s share of benefit to the public is taken away by the government in form of taxes and no relief is given to the deserved public.

Sample this, crude has fallen from USD 110+ levels to < 30/bbl levels, but petrol price has declined from Rs. 80 / litre to Rs. 60 only. Show some innovation, Jaitleyji. This balancing of budget even a child can do!

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