Daily News Tadka – 21.01.2016

PBs twisty take on the top five headlines of the day.

1. 130 Pak nuke warheads aimed at India – Worrisome, but if Chinese may not work!


A US report says Pakistan has 130 nuclear warhead missiles aimed at India. This is worrisome for India and it would need to heighten its preparations to counter such deployment. Also disturbing is US approach towards Pakistan. Why doesn’t it sanction like earlier it had imposed on Iran for developing nuclear weapons. Clear double standards!

On a lighter note, if these weapons have been developed borrowing from China the technical know-how, then there are chances it may be just fizzle out and not work. (Chinese quality!).

Another reason for India not to escalate situation with neighbour but engage in talks.

2. Rahul Gandhi discusses about alliance with DMK – Will it go alone in TN?


Rahul held deliberations with party leaders from TN on the strategy to be adopted in the poll-bound state. Karunanidhi has given a call to re-form the alliance which has come nearly 3 years after snapping ties with Congress on the issue of differences on 2G case.

DMK and Congress split up before LS polls and failed to win any seat with Amma sweeping the state. TN has always voted out the current government and voted for the opposition. This has been going on for past 30 years.

Trend wise this time its the turn of DMK to win. However, things don’t look rosy for DMK as Amma populist schemes has made her popular and her conviction in corruption case gained her sympathy votes. DMK needs a bit of help, Congress garnered 4.4% votes in 201 LS polls. Congress needs to piggyback on some party as alone can’t do much in TN. Also weakened by exit of Vasan (Moopnar’s son).

Win-win situation for both! Kiss and make up!

3. Smriti Irani under fire for allegedly ‘lying’ in Dalit student’s case – Controversy’s favorite child!


Delhi CM Kejriwal has demanded HRD minister’s resignation and criticized her for “playing caste politics” over the death of 26-year-old Rohith Vemula. A dozen professors at the university quit their administrative posts, accusing Irani of making “fabricated statements”. This has given fresh ammunition to Congress to attack Modi govt.

Irani is a good administrator and campaigner for BJP. She’s aggressive and I like her qualities. But she runs into unnecessary controversies all the time. She is amongst the most controversial ministers in Modi govt. Time to take her off and put her in party work. Modi needs more silent crusaders like Piyush Goyal (minister for power).

4. ISIS plans to strike Delhi – NCR malls foiled – Danger at our door steps!


Delhi police has arrested alleged ISIS members who planned to strike various parts of Delhi on / near about Republic Day. This shows the threat is very real and right under our noses. ISIS has warned of attacks on Republic Day on which Hollande, French President is chief guest.

Good show by Delhi Police. Much more vigil and co-operation needed to thwart such attempts. India can’t afford another Pathankot.

5. China’s decision may bring relief for Indian steel cos – The proof is in the pudding!


China, which is the largest steel producer and consumer in the world, has laid out a plan to improve the high supply issue by shutting down the old / inefficient plants. Steel prices have been under pressure for years now due to high exports from China. Indian industry has been impacted by dumping of steel from China.

Good step, but I have been hearing this for the past decade that China is going to shut down capacity not only in steel but also aluminium. But it has never happened. Can Chinese economy which is facing severe growth issues take steps to reduce its exports. Only time will tell…

With inputs from Risha Bhattacharya.

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