Daily News Tadka – 19.01.2016

PBs twisty take on top five headlines of the day

1. ‘ISIS Letter’ Threatens To Kill PM Modi-Parrikar – Would fetch them high visibility, but India is no Syria!

An anonymous letter purportedly signed by the ISIS terrorist group has threatened to kill Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar. Though there have been speculations about future threats and attack this is definitely a new way to attract attention.

Any such attack (god forbid) would give them high visibility and a big boost. But they should understand India is no halwa country and their design will not be successful. This could also be a way to lure India join NATO /Russia attacks against ISIS. India should be careful as it has it’s own terrorism problem which it is fighting alone with no help from others.



2. Modi blows poll bigule in Assam – Will it pave way for BJP’s entry into North East!

Modi began Assam poll preparations for BJP with a big rally. He attacked Congress for the non-development in the state despite having ruled for a number of years both at the Centre and the state together. He also attacked his predecessor Dr Manmohan Singh, for not doing much for the state despite being a member of Rajya Sabha from Assam.

While Modi’s attack is aimed at cashing on the anti-incumbency against 15 years of Congress rule, its also important to tell people of Assam, what has BJP in store for the state. So he should take cues from Bihar and engage in positive campaign instead of negative. Only jingoism and blame game won’t work.

Seems he would be the face of Assam campaign here as well. He should take a break. Modiji not only does BJP, but the country also needs you. On a lighter note, Modi is always either in election mode or flight mode.



3. Oil price collapse a big drag on global economy – Will it hasten the imminent GFC!

Oil price crash is affecting oil producing countries, their growth would be impacted and budgets could go into deficits. This would act as a drain on their sovereign funds and also affect other countries in the world. This couple with Iran’s announcement of bringing in additional supplies in the market.

This also has an impact on other commodities. For net importing countries this is good news. But how long will this sustain and will this hasten the global financial crisis (2008 type situation) which analysts point is looming large.

Food for thought! When you try to harm others interests, because of the inter dependent nature of the world now, it also impacts you!



4. Dalit student suicide – The blame game has begun!

Rahul Gandhi has blamed Smriti Irani, and the ABVP leaders for the death of the student. Kejriwal too butts in to attract election attention. The student union blames the Union Minister while BJP asks them not to turn this into a political stunt.

Did Rahul blame his father Rajiv for Bhopal gas tragedy deaths? Did Kejriwal blame himself for the number of rapes in the capital after he has assumed office? This is nothing but politicisation of issue and part of a larger topic of debate. The way we as a society treat Dalits and what have done for their upliftment / empowerment!


5. Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan to launch political party for Punjab polls – Dent into AAP votebank?

Swaraj Abhiyan, a group formed by the duo and their supporters after their expulsion from the AAP have said they are “seriously thinking” about contesting the assembly elections in Punjab. This could impact AAP votes in the state. Will this imact be big or small remains to be seen. In an already triangular contest – NDA vs UPA vs AAP, presence of a 4th force could complicate matters for all.

This decision also is on account of a personal grudge they have against Kejriwal. So they are all set to spoil AAP’s chances in Punjab. Hum to doobenge sanam tumko bhi le doobenge.


With inputs from Risha Bhattacharya.


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