Daily News Tadka – 13.01.2016

Politicalbaaba (PB) twisty take on 5 important news items of the day.

1. Masood’s arrest? – Big breakthrough if true! 

India is awaiting the official confirmation for the news reports but it is indeed a good move if true. Masood Azhar was the same terrorist who was released by India in exchange for Mufti’s abducted daughter in 1989.

Hence, overall it is good news for talks to continue between the two countries, which will most probably go ahead. PB advocates continuation of talks and acceptance of LoC as final border to settle the dispute forever.

2. Comedian Kiku arrested – Height of intolerance! 

For mocking and mimicking self-styled religious guru Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh in a famous TV show. Surprisingly, the Dera Chief was sporty and did not complain about the so called hurting of sentiments of his followers. If this was the case the guru should have been arrested for mocking God in his Bollywood debut.

This is a serious violation of freedom of expression. Most politicians would be in jail for mocking and mimicking each other.

It was essentially Badal government that may have been under pressure to act since Dera Chief has been a big supporter and also announced his support for BJP in Delhi elections early this year.

3. China investors make a strong pitch for Make in India – Indi:Chini Bhai Bhai! 

Currently due to fall in China’s stock market and projected economic growth many Chinese companies looking at India as an option and eyeing big ticket investments in Make in India.

Many countries and MNCs have participated in this ambitious project. With India growing at a higher pace than China its attraction has increased. A bit of caution can be observed though on security aspect.

4. Italian marine allowed to delay return – Christmas over get them here 56 inch chest PM! 

Italy India Ship Firi_Kand (1)

Supreme Court on Wednesday allowed one of two Italian marines facing murder charges over the deaths of two Indian fishermen to stay in his home country until April 30 ollowing heart surgery.

We can find BJP criticizing the UPA for relaxing rules during their tenure. Now it is another U-turn from the “Paltu sarkar”. How many Indians jailed in Italy have been allowed to come back for holidays? Nil. India should atleast have done a quid pro quo deal to enable some of them to return in exchange for their these marines.

It can be seen the India is a banana republic and will remain so.

5.As the country focuses on Pathankot, AAP focuses on the Punjab elections – Sniffing victory?


With the Punjab elections up for next year, AAP is making a strong pitch for forming the govt. there sensing huge anti-incumbency against Badal govt. Congress the main contender is also considering AAP as the main threat.

The election issue will mostly include anti incumbency, 10 years of misrule, inability to curb the drug menance and the recent Pathankot attacks, targeting Akali Dal’s and BJP’s incompetence.

Why is Congress considering AAP as a threat, Delhi shows that they can join hands together to form government. Punjab could start the series of setbacks for BJP.

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