Daily News Tadka – 09.01.2016

Politicalbaaba (PB) twisty take on 5 important news events of the day!

1. Mamata says Malda incident BSF  vs Minorities Fight – BJP trying to take full advantage! 


Mamata termed the Malda riots as a BSF versus people struggle and praised her govt. of keeping situation under control. BSF vs People? Why?

BJP smells an opportunity to become the main opposition as talks between Congress-CPM for an alliance seem to have broken. BJP expects to extract juice out of this incident like Muzaffarnagar in UP and expects Hindus to polarize behind it.

A big campaign is being launched this month with many union ministers visiting and holding rallies. Here again it has to give preference to local leadership to take the charge else Bihar will be repeated.


2. Governor’s Rule in J&K, Mehbooba swearing on Monday – Rather strange situation!

J&K has been placed under Governor’s Rule. Mehbooba Mufti will be sworn in as new CM only after mourning of her father is over. This appears rather strange. Deputy CM from BJP could have been installed as caretaker CM for the time being. Is Mehbooba having second thoughts about continuing with BJP. Sonia is slated to meet her tomorrow. Is she going to form an alliance with Congress and dump BJP. Let’s see.

In a 87 member assembly PDP has 28, BJP 25, National Conference 15, Congress 12, Independents 3 and Others  4. For simple majority support of 44 members is required.

3. Kejri says no intention to continue odd even after 15th : Why so much drama then?

Transport minister Gopal Rai has said “We’ll be examining trends and data collected during the trial period after January 15. The trial period won’t be extended. The same people who claimed it a success are saying plan won’t be extended. Then  it means it could have been a flop or impact on pollution levels not really significant. Also infra. despite claims not yet ready to tackle such plan on extended basis. Kejri wasted so many man hours of people debating for and against the move and now is seen chickening out.

4. Jaitely attacks congress for stalling GST – shows helplessness! 

Jaitley criticized Congress saying some people are getting “sadistic pleasure” by not allowing the GST bill to get passed but it would eventually get through and the ‘last laugh would be the best’.

Jaitley claimed even UPA allies are supporting the same like RJD, JDU and NCP. If so why is Jaitley worried? Why he couldn’t get the bill through in winter session? Why Naidu is rushing to Sonia’s house? Leave Congress get it passed without it.

The only sticking point is Congress’s demand that a tax rate above 18% should require a constitutional amendment. Congress talking about constitution looks funny when they blatantly in the past have ridiculed it starting from Indira to Rajiv and then Sonia / Rahul. However, their concern is genuine and only a technical point which can be accepted.

5. BJP starts UP campaign – Sends 17 union ministers to UP, Top down approach without local leaders participation won’t work like Bihar

BJP is sending 17 union ministers to cover 23 Lok Sabha in UP. The team would meet people and take their suggestions. This is also an attempt by the BJP national leadership to connect with party workers and the masses after some reports suggested that the party was fast losing its ground.

Polls are due in 2017. After loss in Bihar, this is a must win state. BJP doesn’t seem to be learning its lessons. Needs to project a CM candidate as soon as possible. It doesn’t have a credible face to take on Akhilesh and Maya and Modi magic is waning. Big litmus test for Modi-Shah jodi.


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