Daily News Tadka – 07.01.2016

1. Chief Minister of J&K Mufti Mohammad Sayeed no more – Daughter Mehbooba to be next CM

Mufti had been in hospital for 2 weeks and was being treated for a lung infection. He was put on ventilator support after his condition worsened. His daughter Mehbooba Mufti slated to become next CM, BJP has seconded the move. Another rise of dynastic politics in world’s largest democracy.

Mehbooba is seen as more aggressive and more pro separatist than father Mufti. Don’t be surprised if she recommends to dissolve the assembly mid way and seek fresh polls hoping she can sweep Kashmir riding on sympathy wave if relations with BJP get sour.

The day when condolences are being aired, sorry to say that for me Mufti will always be remembered as Home Minister who got 5 terrorists released in 1989 in exchange for his daughter’s release who was abducted. This is many ways marked the beginning of terrorism in Kashmir. More than a father he was India’s Home Minsiter, first Muslim HM. May his soul RIP.

2. Pathankot Attack – Govt. in dilemma to continue talks or not!

indiapakistanTo continue talks or not is the biggest dilemma of the govt. There are some people who want India to call off talks while others want talks to continue. India has handed over evidence to Pakistan of its citizens involvement and as per news reports Pakistan is under severe pressure to act. India needs a face saver to resume talks after Modi’s statesman diplomacy is on verge of failure.

The only permanent solution is bot sides should accept LoC as the border line and move on. India should forget about PoK and Pakistan about J&K. This is the only way peace will return to the valley and friendship regained between two countries.

3. Govt talks to Sonia for passage of GST – Did chai pe charcha fail?

naidu_story_Parliamentary affairs minister Venkaiah Naidu on Thursday drove down to meet Congress president Sonia Gandhi at her residence. This is being touted as part of efforts by BJP to get the main opposition party’s support for passage of the long-pending GST bill. Chai pe Charcha exercise by Modi seems to have failed because of Swamy adventures in NH case.

GST which was introduced in 2011 by Congress was allegedly opposed by BJP for 3 years. Now the same bill has been introduced by BJP and Congress is opposing it. Power play games!

People won’t listen to excuses and blame BJP for non-passage. It is its responsibility to get it through. People have given then absolute majority in Lok Sabha they can’t play crying babies all the time. If this is the case then they should have said in manifesto all our promises depend upon Congress support as it is the largest party in Rajya Sabha.

Chai pe charcha with regional parties will help than cosying up to Sonia. The bill can be passed in Rajya Sabha even without support of Congress.

4. Sensex riot strengthens – Fears of Great Depression?


Indian markets fell sharply on Thursday after a crash in Chinese stocks triggered a fresh global selloff. Sensex tumbled 554 points to close at 24,851 – its lowest since June 4, 2014. The picture aptly describes the perplexed situation of brokers and investors. Where will this end?

Crude fell below USD 35/bbl, its lowest in 12 years. This, however, is good for Indian economy, will reduce further the subsidy bill and trade deficit.

Crash in Sensex may at least ensure that the levels forecasted by stock market analysts for 2013 will be achieved in 2016. Only 3 years difference. Also many would also start adjusting their 2016 calls. All calls today are post mortem calls and if you want to invest in stocks do your own research because nobody has a clue!

5. Rahul Gandhi building his T20 team – Forgets team in this case may be just as good as the captain!

Rahul is hiring 20 people which will form part of his core team. He has interviewed some 200 people for these positions as per ET report. One of the important questions  in the selection process is how can the party rejuvenate itself. Well its a million dollar question?

Some may argue party’s fortunes will automatically improve if yuvraj takes retirement. Well partly agree, but its also a fact that Congress needs a Nehru-Gandhi scion at the top to keep it united.

Politicalbaaba’s 3 point agenda for Congress to improve its fortunes, Rahul baba are you listening:

1. Stop playing minority appeasement politics – Champion the cause of minorities but not at the expense of antagonizing the majority

2. Start playing upper caste politics – At a time where everyone is doing backward politics, Congress should focus on its traditional vote bank which has shifted allegiance to BJP. Anyways OBC politics is too crowded with ex Janata Dal and other regional parties now favorite of this class

3. Play the role of a constructive opposition – Stop stalling Parliament, help pass bills of national interest.

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