Daily News Tadka – 06.01.2016

Politicalbaaba (PB) twisty take on 5 important news items of the day!

1. Aamir khan removed as ambassador of Incredible India – Actually his term is over!


Some confusion as Minister tweeted he has been removed while Ministry of Tourism clarified his term as an ambassador is over. So not removed but completed and not renewed.

Twitter was flooded with tweets how come a person who doesn’t want to live in Intolerant India be ambassador of Incredible India and hailed the move. It is better for the time being to avoid cacophony that the secular brigade will create. Another example of poor communication of Modi govt.

2. Sanjay Dutt to be released in Feb. – Gandhigiri worked in Jail!


Sanju baba is to be finally released on Feb. 25, seven months ahead of his term. He has been on parole most of the times.  Four months as per some newspapers. Since he was mostly out than in, may as well be released.

People want to know, when was he in jail actually? Last time they heard he was out on parole. Another option is to give him parole till Feb. 25 and ask him not to come back. Would save some tax payers money.

3. Odd even formula Delhi Court raps Kejriwal – Is HC over stretching its reach?

The High Court asked Kejriwal govt. why should odd/even trail last more than a week ? First of all the saints and saviours of Indian judiciary should answer these following questions:

a. Why cases in Indian Courts are adjourned for years at the drop of a hat?

b. Why cases are pending in Indian courts for decades or even longer?

With millions of car users in Delhi , it may take longer than a week to understand the flow of traffic , bottlenecks and problems.

However, Arvind also partly to blame because of his constant u-turns on the 15 day trial. Will it continue post 15 days, will it be permanent? This may have given courts the inkling that Kejriwal is not serious about the program and is doing this to gin mileage.

3. Sena attacks BJP – Continues its grudge!

shiv sena

Sena trying to revive itself in its home turf having lost out to BJP in numbers in state elections, for some months has been criticizing BJP on a host of its actions.

It now says that there is no difference in Congress or BJP as far as Pakistan is concerned. True though. Even in Lok Sabha BJP doesn’t need Sena’s support and the party is pained that BJP doesn’t consult them anymore.

People don’t appreciate these cheap politics of enjoying power as well as criticizing your own government. If you are not happy, QUIT NDA.

5. Malda riots – Majority can’t live like minority in a country for long!

malda_moThere’s an age old saying about Las Vegas, “What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas.” Unfortunately for us, our dear lady, Mamata Banerjee has taken the axiom far too seriously and just as an icing on the cake, given it a nice little Islamist color. No reporting, no arrests. This has gone beyond minority appeasement.

Mamata should take a cue from Congress who played minority politics for many years and is paying the price now. Not only Hindus it has even lost vote share against Muslims.

Majority can’t live like minority for long and if a situation like UP is created it would help the BJP as other pseudo secular parties Congress and CPM won’t complain about the incident. Can BJP gain mileage of this incident in this year’s polls? Let’s see…

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