Daily News Tadka – 05.01.2016

Politicalbaaba (PB) twisty take on 5 important news items of the day.

1. Saudi Arabia cuts off ties with Iran – Is it all about oil?


Tensions between Iran and S.Arabia have escalated with SA cutting off all ties with the neighbour. Russia (seeing it as an opportunity to grow its influence in the Middle East region after Syria) has offered to mediate. ts all about oil in the end.

SA opposed for years any lifting of sanctions in Iran and after US finally started the process it has become jittery. Effort is to incite Iran into committing some blunder by acting aggressively and derailing the lifting of sanctions. Also a tension in the region may provide a helping hand to falling oil prices which would be a win win situation for all!

2. Pathankot Attack – Defence Minister admits to security lapses finally

Manohar Parrikar Inaugurates Information Management And Analysis Centre

After successfully thwarting the nefarious attempts of the terrorists in Pathankot, Manohar Parrikar admitted on Tuesday that some “gaps” in security may have led to the deadly terrorist attack.

Gaps in security, failure to prevent terrorists from entering despite prior warning, and long time taken to neutralize them, security of our air bases, lack of co-ordination among various intelligence agencies, proper media communication are some of the questions.

For me the biggest question is use of NSG? Why? Is it superior to armed forces? Will this attack lead to installation of NSG at all air bases?

3. Jaitely records statement in defamation case against Kejriwal – More drama to follow


Jaitley told a court yesterday that Delhi CM Kejriwal made defamatory remarks against him to “deflect attention from a CBI probe against a particular person working with Kejriwal.”

Lets see how this case goes. In a similar case last year by Gadkari on Kejriwal an out of court settlement was agreed upon with Kejriwal tendering a public apology.

Will Kejriwal apologize again give an apology or take it to the end remains to be seen. Stakes are high. If he loses how will he rake in 10 crores, from aam aadmi? For sure he will then play victim politics and accuse Modi / Jailtley of trying to topple a popular government. If Kejriwal wins, will Jaitley resign? Interesting times ahead…

4. Congress makes plans to oust BJP in MP – 2018 state polls


Good performance in Gujarat and Chhattisgarh civic polls has emboldened Congress and the party is confident of snatching Madhya Pradesh from BJP in 2018. When it goes to polls, Shivraj Singh Chouhan may well face some anti-incumbency which is natural to creep in after 15 years of rule.

The biggest question is who will lead the charge – Diggi raja, Scindia or Kamalnath? Who ever leads, internal rivalry and factionalism may harm Congress chances. If it puts up a united front, it may well give a tough fight to Chouhan.

BJP may well see itself in similar situation in Gujarat, Punjab, Rajasthan and Chhatisgarh before it pitches for a second term in 2019! 

5. Nawaz calls Modi assures action in Pathankot case – Fingers crossed?


Nawaz Sharif reached out to Modi on Tuesday and promised “prompt and decisive” action against the terrorists responsible for Pathankot attack. A soft diplomatic win for India as Sharif was forced to call Modi and not vice-a-versa showing our power as a country.

However questions still remain if Pakistan can ever accept. Even in their news channels, they are hesitating to call them as terrorists instead calling them ‘gunmen’. On social media intellectual well read Pakistanis also don’t accept it is Pakistan’s fault. Let’s see.

If nothing tangible comes out then talks may be hit. And India would need to seriously think of acting and not reacting. Put in place means of neutralizing anti-India forces in Pakistan and not depend upon Pakistan to act on our behalf. Doval, Mr. Bond, do something, out of the box, whole country supports you, except a few who need to be ignored!

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