Daily News Tadka – 04.01.2016

Politicalbaaba (PB) twisty take on 5 important news items of the day.
1. Pathankot attack finally ends – Will Pakistan act against perpetrators?
pathankot talks
Finally we managed to kill all the 6 terrorists who stormed the Patahnkot air base. A lot of questions remain unanswered especially handling of the situation, intelligence failure, why it took so long etc etc.
Blowing hot-blowing cold should stop after every event. Both sides have exercised restraint and India has shared evidence of terrorists based in Pakistan to Sharif govt. They have said that they are acting on the leads. Let’s hope they do act this time. Else the Foreign Secretary level talks scheduled for Jan. 15 may not happen. Indian public is itching to see a counter terrorist strike in PoK like in Myanmar. Can it happen? Lets see
2. 160 people killed in Bengal riots – Trouble / tension brewing in Bengal for some time 
A Muslim protest rally against Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha leader Kamlesh Tiwari for his alleged derogatory remarks against Prophet Mohammed turned violent and riots broke. Mamata has failed to control the situation and is seen by many as playing minority politics card. She must learn from the position Congress is in today. You can’t survive for long in this type of politics.
There has been a lot of criticism especially BJP supporters as to why news channels barely covering this incident, worse than Dadri but instead reporting the Pathankot attacks. Media prioritizes news headlines and Pathankot ranks higher in TRP game hence it is being covered more. Further, how many press conferences did BJP do to highlight this incident, can’t see any. Poor media management again.
3. Stock markets across the world hit by China crash – “China’s pain is India’s gain”; Not really Mr. Modi
BSE Sensex plunged 538 points (-2%) as a crash in China markets (-7%) and halting in trade impacted global stocks. India’s manufacturing output contracted (first in past two years in Dec.) which also dampened the sentiment.
Global commodity prices are at an all time low with no respite seen. The year 2016 is seen by many to be more challenging than 2015. Some economists predict a 1931 like Depression building up. Corporates globally are also under pressure to prepare themselves from this “Financial Armageddon”.
Though India is the least dependent on exports amongst the BRICS country and has grown at the highest rate in the world ahead of China, India cannot escape the impact of any global slowdown.
4. Massive revamp in BCCI suggested by Justice Lodha committee – Pawar ka kya hoga
Justice Lodha has suggested massive reforms to cleanse up BCCI. The entity dominated by politicians across parties because of the massive amount of money involved requires a big shake up. Corruption in BCCI, IPL and other sports bodies and neglect of players from key decision matters have been raging issues for long.
Sports lovers hope this will bring some sanity into cricket administration. Going by the recommendations Pawar may lose his job (>70). The former ICC President contested for post of MCA President and won with support of BJP. See my detailed post on Pawar’s love for Power in DailyO.
The committee recommends legalizing betting. This has been criticized that it may lead to increase in corruption due to betting stakes. Well yes and no. But in India this is a sensitive issue and may not be implemented.
5. Odd Even Formula in Delhi – Too early to call a hit, but too early to call a flop as well
The actual test of the formula took place y’day (office / school day after vacations). Mixed reports / response. Supporters say less traffic on road, critics say infra not ready, massive rush in metro and badmaaashi by auto wallahs. Must appreciate the Delhi public for participating wholeheartedly for the future of our children (only few rule breakers – 1,000 challans).
Innovation, out of box thinking and public participation key to governance now. PB thumbs up and all the best for success of the formual. Some morons already stating that pollution has not reduced, bhai sabr karo, time lagega. Give some credit to muffler man…

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