Daily News Tadka – 03.01.2016

Politicalbaaba (PB) twisty take 5 top news items of the day.
First of all PB salutes the brave soldiers who laid their lives for us. May god give their families the strength to tide over this crisis. Hope govt. takes good care of their families.
1. Pathankot Attack – Operation still going on!
Fresh firing and blasts took place at Pathankot air base after HM Rajnath declared yesterday that ops finished and 4 terrorists killed. News came 2 more terrorists holed up. WTF! By evening one of them was killed. Other still at large. Meanwhile Indian soldiers who died in this operation increased to 8 as per last reports. Hunt is now on for a second car and total of 8-10 terrorists believed to have entered Pathankot. Search is on.
This whole operation raises / highlights many questions (as a layman and not as a military expert):
1. Lack of coordination between Home Ministry, NSG & Air Force on combing operations
2. Our preparedness to tackle such incidents
3. Why was NSG flown in? Why were they not there in first place?
4. Does it mean our air base do not have proper security cover?
5. Who is supporting these people on the ground in India?
The former govt. engaged in biryani diplomacy, now BJP govt. engages in birthday diplomacy. Nothing seems to be working!
These attacks, its handling, BJP’s general flip flop policy on Pakistan has left a section of its supporters confused. How is it different from maun mohan govt.? And where is the tiger which used to roar?

2. Indian Consulate in Afghanistan targeted – Part of well planned and coordinated attack in sync with Pathankot

Meanwhile, Indian consulate in Northern Afghanistan was also attacked. 2 of the 4 gun men were killed in a fierce encounter. No casualties reported. This is the second such attack since Modi govt. took over.

Definitely looks like well planned attacks by forces opposed to Indo-Pak talks who don’t want it to succeed.

3. Modi meets NSA to take stock of Pathankot Attack – Will it impact talks? Will there be counter strikes in PoK? 

The Pathankot attacks are a big blow to Modi’s statesman / innovative gesture of visiting Pakistan to greet Nawaz on his birthday. BJP claimed Modi shared a great rapport with Nawaz. Party also pointed out that since Pak NSA is a former army man, the talks this time have the backing of army. All this proved wrong as India has substantial proof of ISI hand in these attacks. Kargil memories revisited.

As I tweeted today our policy instead of pro-actively dealing with Pakistan is reactionary. Neither have we been able to neutralize these attacks nor have we been able to punish the perpetrators. We can’t keep defending all the time. Either we have to attack or not let them cross the line.

What does this mean now for talks? No more claim of bonhomie for some time and no more visits by PM Modi to Pakistan. In fact its also risky for Modi to visit Pak. Will India act like it did in Myanmar? Looks difficult! But how long will it keep its hands tied just because Pak has nuclear weapons. On a lighter note its Chinese quality so India shouldn’t worry. So go ahead do something….

4. BJP all set to partner BPF in Assam – Way to go!

As I had predicted in my column in Niticentral a few days ago, BJP indeed has got into some serious act and finalized an alliance with Bodoland People’s Front. It should also rope in Assam Gana Parishad I feel. With Congress and AIUDF likely to come together, BJP needs helping hand to win. Won’t get better chance to win in Assam as Congress govt. facing huge anti-incumbency for its poor 15 year rule.

5. New IT Form for high value transactions – Focus on domestic black money

Govt. is all set to introduce Form 61A for declaration of high value transactions and cash transactions to check black money generated domestically. Will increase tax payers work load. Some info. they should already have like people spending >Rs. 10 lakhs through credit cards in a year. Why should one file this?

Also for declaration of cash transactions onus is on the people involved. How would govt. ensure all cash transactions reported? Any ways small steps like these should be welcome but complexity should be avoided….

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