Politicalbaaba (PB) announces Top Politician Awards for 2015 under fifteen categories. A serious as well as comic take on the proceedings in 2015. Dil pe mat le yaar!

1. The Slogger / Frequent Flyer / Twitter Boss – Narendra Modi

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This award goes to Modi. He works for 18 hours a day. His workaholic nature has made some ministers uncomfortable. Govt. employees also complain of the long working hours and focus on punctuality nowadays.

The highest followed politician in India and 3rd most followed world leader on twitter. Tweets on a variety of topics – govt. programs, daily routine, congratulatory messages etc. Critics point out that he doesn’t tweet on burning issues – farmer suicides, rupee depreciation, corruption allegations on Sushama / Jaitley, intolerance etc.

Modi has made 37 foreign trips since assuming office. Must be collecting many reward points of Air India sufficient to cover umpteen foreign trips once he is not in office.

2. The Vacationer – Rahul Gandhi

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This goes to amchi Rahul hands down. He was missing from Budget session for 50+ days. He again went missing during Bihar poll campaign. Now he is off to Europe to celebrate New Year.

3. The Comeback Man – Laloo Prasad Yadav

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Laloo facing political retirement after conviction in fodder scam came back strongly in Bihar bagging 80 seats. RJD became the single largest party ahead of popular party JDU of Nitish.  He proved the adage “Jab tak rahega samose mein aloo, tab tak rahega Bihar mein Laloo” correct.

4. The Giant Killer – Nitish Kumar

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Nitish had the last laugh in his tussle against Modi. He made friends with his foe Lalu and made the BJP bite the dust in Bihar. The second successive blow to Amit Shah after Delhi.

5. The Crusader – Subramaniam Swamy 

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Swamy humbled the Gandhis in the NH case forcing them to appear in lower court and take bail. He also attempted to halt the release of Nirbhaya case accused juvenile unsuccessfully.

6. The Most Controversial – Azam Khan

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Azam Khan takes this cake. His statements stupid / idiotic at most times come for his love to be in the limelight (RSS members are homosexuals, Justification of Paris attacks, Letter to UN on rising intolerance in India etc.). Two BJP men Yogi Adityanath and Sakshi Maharaj gave tough competition to Azam in this category but Azam is in another league.

7. The Best Bahu – Sonia Gandhi

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Sonia embroiled in NH case thundered “I am the daughter-in-law of Indira Gandhi. I am not scared of anyone. I am not disturbed.” Her remembering Indira with whom she didn’t share a great relationship helped her win the award in an otherwise listless year for her.

8. The Confused Strategist – Amit Shah

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The strategist looked out of ideas this year with big losses in Delhi and Bihar. Propping up CM candidate 2 weeks before polls in Delhi and giving all preparatory work to baharis (outsiders) in Bihar cost the party dearly.

9. The Crying Babies – Arvind Kejriwal & Venkiah Naidu

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Arvind Kejriwal won a popular mandate bagging 67/70 seats in Delhi. Since then he has been alleging LG is hand in glove with BJP and trying to destabilize his govt. For all problems faced by Delhi he blames the center and plays victim politics to the hilt.

Parliamentary Affairs minister Naidu also is seen helpless and unable to manage the floor proceeding especially in Rajya Sabha. He constantly cribs that Congress is not letting the house run, which is true to some extent. But he cannot shy away from responsibility of running the house.

10. The Deserter & Botcher – Mulayam Singh Yadav

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The ultimate paltu of Indian politics, people who have observed him say you can’t believe this man. He withdrew from grand Janata parivaar alliance in Bihar at the last minute. Must be ruing the fact as he was to be projected as PM candidate of the merged Janata Party.

11. The Critique Friend – Shiv Sena

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Ever since Shiv Sena and BJP fought separately in Maharashtra polls and later patched up the relations between the two have been strained. Shiv Sena has been openly criticizing many policy decisions of the Modi govt. publicly and is seen acting as opposition within NDA.

12. Women Power – Smriti Irani

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The firebrand, controversial, daring lady of the Modi cabinet takes this award. Despite all accusations she has been working to implement Modi’s agenda in educational space. Also serves as aggressive spokeswoman of the party. Sure to give Rahul a run for money in 2019 Amethi elections.

13. Jack of All Trades – Arun Jaitley

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The Man Friday of Modi govt., Jaitley handles the important portfolios of Finance and I&B. Being a prominent lawyer, he also is seen representing govt. on law matters (e.g. NJAC).

Critics point out that despite good growth numbers economic situation has not improved and govt.’s media / PR management is pretty poor.

The person who has never won a Lok Sabha election has also become an election strategist with key role in Bihar and Delhi where BJP lost poorly.

14. The Hilarious Mouthpieces – Sambit Patra, Tom Vadakkan & Ashutosh

The three gentlemen come daily on TV shows / debates and entertain us with their quirky comments and tu-tu main-main. Sometimes putting forth very idiotic arguments to save their parties. Must admit they have a tough job at hand. They spice up the boring politics to some extent.

15. The Silent Performers – Sushama Swaraj, Nitin Gadkari and Piyush Goyal

Undoubtedly these three ministers have been working without pomp and show and delivered on their targets. Modi’s foreign policy success is largely credited to homework done by Sushama. 

During current financial year (till Nov. 2015) 5,331 kilometres length of National Highways have been awarded while 3,480 kilometres have been constructed under Gadkari.

Country’s power deficit is at a record low, coal supplies up and imports down. The rural electrification of villages is also going at good speed under Piyush.




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