Daily News Tadka – 01.01.2016

Politicalbaaba (PB) twisty take on 5 important news items of the day.

1. Debut of Odd-Even Formula in Delhi Today: Too early to claim success but plan should be applauded


Kejriwal and a section of press already declared the formula a success. Many offices and schools remained closed today and hence the formula succeeds or not will be known early next week. Despite claim of success Kejriwal in his typical style also stated that the much touted and debated scheme cannot be implemented permanently. Much ado about nothing!

There are 84.75 lakh private vehicles registered in Delhi. Scooters, motor cycles and cars comprise c. 1/3rd each. With two-wheelers exempt, it leaves 26.4 lakh cars which would be impacted by this decision.

Technically half of this 13.2 lakh cars can be kept off roads on any day however due to exemptions only 5.3 lakh cars will not ply as per India Today report. PB supports the innovative initiative. Stay tuned for more…

2. HC rules against 2 flags (national & state) atop govt. buildings in J&K: Step towards integration into national mainstream and removing the special status


A court order that said all govt. buildings and cars must use both national and state flag was suspended by a bigger bench today. J&K is the only Indian state permitted to fly its own state flag along with the national flag. This has been granted under the provisions of Sec. 370 which grants special status to J&K.

The supremacy of the national flag has been restored though protests are expected throughout the state. Even PDP (BJP’s partner in govt.) would protest and BJP may remain silent as it has done on contentious issues in the past to stay in power.

This brings us to the moot question why were special powers granted to the state when Raja of J&K rushed to India for help after Pakistan attacked it. We could have bargained better. This is touted as one of the diplomatic failures / blunders of Nehru.

3. All not well in Bihar between Nitish-Lalu?: Lalu mind your language for the sake of your sons  


After RJD criticism of the Nitish govt. for recent killings of 3 engineers in Bihar, JDU has hit back saying it doesn’t need any lecture on/governance. The Gandhi family has taught this unique chapter to political parties in India. Keep all power with you, take credit for all good work and criticize govt. for wrongdoings.

Laluji you are an equal partner in government. Your son is Deputy CM. As much as Nitish is responsible so is your son equally responsible for deteriorating law and order.  You have come back to power after 10 years in Bihar. Behave responsibly don’t test patience of Nitish else your honeymoon will be over soon.

4. Kirti Azad responds to show-cause notice: Both party & him need a face saver to kiss and make-up


Kirti responded swiftly (within a day) to the show cause notice issued by BJP wrt his suspension over his allegations in DDCA scam. Did Swamy who offered to help him with reply actually helped or not is not yet known?  A section of party especially the old guard / Margdarshak mandal / people who have been denied ministries are seen siding with Kirti.

Party seems to have acted in haste and under pressure from Jaitley (part of Trimurti). Till date it has taken no action against Shatrughan who has been openly criticizing Modi as well as Shah because Shatru is part of Advani group while Kirti was considered a small fry.

Kirti also seems to have toned down his crusade after he included names of Congress leaders in the scam and said he never criticized the party. Is a patch up on the cards?  If not, issue has potential to harm party image as well as increase Jaitley’s problems.

5. Adnan Sami granted Indian citizenship: Another u-turn from BJP


Noted singer Adnan Sami has been granted Indian citizenship effective Jan. 1, 2016. The same BJP which criticized UPA’s constant extension of his visa and once asked for his deportation back to Pakistan, cleared his plea seeking citizenship.

This is one of the new u-turns of the BJP govt. Its natural though, for parties to realize the shortcomings of their resistance while earlier in opposition. Some decisions of BJP and AAP are examples of this.

A good example though, to show to the world and intolerance brigade that even Muslims not only Hindus of Pakistan want to come back and settle in peaceful and tolerant India.

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