How Bihar Exit Polls Re-inforce my 5 Statements!

I have been saying this all along that these elections are damn close. Whoever has followed the blog over this 3 month journey will vouch for it. Each seat has its own dynamics and it will go down to the last vote count.

I released a yesterday afternoon (12 noon) about Phase V Predictions & Who wins Bihar (to be updated). In this post I made these 5 statements at different places which have been proven correct after the exit poll tamasha:

1. Statement: “I still maintain that this is a damn close elections and every vote will count.”

Proof of Pudding: As shown by exit polls 4 say MGB will win, 2 say NDA will win.

2. Statement: “So exit polls can give misleading results even though they are considered to be better than opinion polls. Bihar EXIT POLLS may also show a similar picture – different polls may give different predictions / winners. So the suspense would continue till 8th of November for sure.” 

Proof of Pudding: Exit polls gave mixed results.

3. Statement: “Chasing down on the last day is always difficult in however good form your batsmen are. So there will be intense pressure on Janata alliance to perform and sweep Phase 5.”

Proof of pudding: General feeling is MGB has not been able to sweep the polls.

4. Statement: “Polarization amongst Hindus could turn the tables in NDA favour (a lot of visible efforts were made on this aspect).”

Proof of pudding: As visible in high turnout by 10% at Darbhanga and 7% at Madhubani.

5. Statement: “In any case the largest party / alliance will not be short of majority by more than 5 seats.”

Proof of pudding: As shown by poll of polls (MGB 118, NDA 117, Others 5)

Stay tuned for more….

People want me to put an update yesterday’s article after exit polls scenario. Will do so…..


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