The Many Contradictions of Bihar Polls


Bihar polls underway in full fervor – campaign pitch at peak, both alliances claiming victory already. A short blog on “How Bihar elections is uncannily similar to Delhi elections” has received good response.

In this series of short blogs, I focus on the inherent contradictions clearly evident in Bihar elections.

1. Nitish and Lalu joining hands is the biggest of them all. These friends turned foe turned friends again solely for survival and revival.

2. Paswan jumping onto NDA bandwagon. The same Paswan who resigned from Atalji’s cabinet after the Godhra episode in Modi’s Gujarat.

3. JDU won 115 seats in 2010. In 72 seats it defeated RJD and in 8 seats it defeated Congress. So in 70% of the seats it pushed RJD & Congress candidates to 2nd position. Now all three have formed Maha Gathbandhan.

4. RJD won 25 seats in 2010. In 18 seats (72%) it…

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