Bihar polls are currently underway. Going by reports it is going to be a cracker of an election having ramifications on national politics. Politicalbaaba brings you an extensive coverage of the polls, unique thematic research and feedback from on the ground.

1. Bihar Polls – A Curtain-raiser

2. Bihar Polls: SWOT Analysis of Janata Parivaar Alliance

3. Is it the end of saga called Lalu?

4. Caste is cast in stone in Bihar politics

5. Law & Order Situation in Bihar – A Statistical Perspective

6. Decoding the seat sharing between Lalu-Nitish in Bihar

7. Owaisi to Lalu: Here I come

8. Will Muslims & Mahadalits decide the fate of BIhar polls?

9. Seat sharing muddle of NDA in Bihar

10. Probable Spoliers in Bihar Elections

11. Opinion Polls add to the suspense in Bihar Polls

12. Poll: Who will win Bihar Assembly elections?

13. Phase-wise Election Schedule of Bihar

14. Why NDA is expected to win Bihar?

15. Quiz Contest on Bihar Elections

16. 2010 Assembly Polls Seat Wise Results with Margins

17. Who will win Bihar? – Part I

18. Politicalbaaba Bihar Projections

19. Who will win Bihar? – Part II

20. Who will win Bihar? – Part III

21. Who will win Bihar? – Part IV

22. Grand Master Sheet of Phase 1 of Bihar Elections

23. Who will win Bihar? – Part V (Final)

24. Opinion Poll Summary Table

25. #BiharElections: All Set for Phase 1

26. Post Poll Update Phase 1

27. Phase 1: Its not what it seems to be

28. Phase 2: Overview

29. Grand Master Sheet Phase 2

30. Post Poll Update Phase 2

31. How Bihar elections is uncannily similar to Delhi elections?

32. The Bihar Cricket Match

33. Grand Master Sheet Phase 3

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