Dates Announced For “Bihar Dangal”

The bugle has been blown for Bihar polls with Election Commission announcing dates for the much awaited and debated elections. The election will be held in five phases from 12th October and culminating on 5th November. Results will be declared on 8th November. The term of the current session ends on November 29, 2015.

Election Commission Announces Bihar Poll Dates: Highlights

Source: NTDV

Politicalbaaba (PB) has been covering the Bihar polls in detail with insightful analysis and articles some of which has appeared in As polls approach, PB will come up with more articles and projections. So stay glued for more..

Who will win these polls is a million dollar question which nobody has a clue about? Its a neck to neck fight between grand Janata alliance and BJP led NDA. May the best an win….

Link of articles already published on Bihar polls. Check out of you have missed.

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