This Day, That Year, India was Modified

Exactly a year ago, Indians all over the world got up with a lot of anxiety, after all it was the culminating / result day of the last 9 months of high pitched electoral campaign. The D-Day had arrived. The counting begun at 8 am. Within 2 hours it was clear that BJP led NDA was set to storm to power in Delhi. Modi in his national avatar had arrived on the scene.

Contrary to popular belief, Modi led BJP to score a majority on its own, 282 seats, first party to get majority after 30 years (Rajiv Gandhi led Congress riding on sympathy wave after Indira’s murder won a whopping 414 / 543 seats in 1984 Lok Sabha polls). Results were unexpected, only Chanakya’s exit polls were correct.

Politicalbaaba (PB) covered all important milestones of Modi’s journey from being declared BJP Election Campaign Chief in June 2013 to PM candidate in Sep. 2013. From Advani’s sulking to Nitish Kumar breaking up with BJP, PB covered all important speeches of Modi, highlight being his speech on Independence Day which was compared with PM Manmohan’s speech on same day.

PB predicted 266 seats for NDA, the actual number was 336. We carried out a seat by seat projections never carried on by anybody else and our predictions were bang on in 68% of the Lok Sabha seats. In 18 of the 31 seats our estimates were bang on.

Dil was saying 300, dimag said just short of majority. Dil won as usual….

History was created. Modi came to power with a lot of expectations. As he nears 1 year of his rule, we will take a look at the hits and misses in the next two weeks or so.

So remain glued on…………

Participate in our poll on Modi govt’s first year in office.

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