Love Hate relationship of Kejriwal with Media

A recent circular issued by AAP govt. states that any comments made by media against any government officials including the chief minister, other ministers and different secretaries is to be reported to the principal secretary (home).

After due legal consideration on the complaint, a case will be filed under IPC section 499 and 500, dealing with charges of defamation, if the situation demands.

This announcement made by Kejriwal govt. is a very unfortunate attempt aiming at suppressing the press and has been criticized as highly undemocratic and has many dimensions to it.

Kejriwal & AAP are a creation of media

Ask this question “Who made Kejriwal what he is today”? Is it not the media? It is an irony that Kejriwal talks of arm-twisting media when he himself is the product of it. The India Against Corruption movement of which Kejriwal is a product received huge media attention. Some may say unwarranted and more than required. After AAP was formed and fought the Delhi elections, media was abuzz with how AAP is party with a difference and how is it all set to change the diaspora of Indian politics. The new social media platform was used effectively by both Kejriwal and Modi to become what they are today.

Infact many journalists like Ashutosh, Shazia and Khetan joined AAP later raising eyebrows that they were hand in glove with Kejriwal. It raised questions about pro AAP programs run by them as journalists.

A follow up question “Why is Kejriwal afraid of Media”? Ostensibly because they know all his secrets. Man is afraid of god; why, because he is the creator. Media created AAP so that’s why Kejriwal is afraid of it. He knows media can finish him & his party by building a negative perception if he doesn’t deliver on his promises.

Kejriwal’s double standards exposed

It is interesting to note that Kejriwal who wants to charge media of defamation charges, himself was against the sections 499 and 500 of IPC till few days back as he is charged in some of these cases. He was seen championing the cause of decriminalization of section 499 and 500 of IPC.

Media is the 4th pillar of democracy 

The circular issued aims at taking away the democratic right of media to criticize the govt. We are living under a democratic system that guaranties right to free speech and expression. Today media has come to play very crucial role. Therefore APP’s agenda to clutch the wings of media under the pretext of defamation is very unfortunate and can’t be justified on any ground.

However, what happened and why did he take this extreme step? Is he afraid that media has carried many stings and are about to release it / expose him further? Is he afraid that AAP is struggling to maintain its tagline of a party with a difference? Is he afraid that BJP is out to finish him as he alleges? Or is it just another ploy by him to stay in the news? Only time will tell….

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